The JuCo Pod

EP #14- What Do You Mean We’re Not Ranked #1?!

This week it is Just Me! Talking all things ranking wise for all three divisions!! Dont forget to show the National Sponsour some love. Head over to and use the code JBB10 for 10% off their Pro Series Bats!


EP #12- The Christmas Special

Its Christmas Season!!! This week is a bit different. We sit down with my brother, and 2 of his roommates. Give them all a follow at #Twitterlessjohn, @ChrisDgiovanni and @ThatCarrGuy52.

Stay tuned for National Pre-season Rankings coming soon!

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Ep #11- Potato Guns

This week we sit down with Head Coach of TCS Post Grad Jeff Robinson. We Talk Arkadelphia, TCS Post Grad and Potato Guns!

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Ep #8- JuCo Fork Yeah

This Week we sit Down with Eric Sim, a Former Juco route guy who played in the minors and is now a bartendor. Also he is a pretty awesome Twitter Follow @esim3400.

Also this week I some way to early World Series Favorites, Commits, ect.

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