2021 Division 3 Junior College World Series Preview

District Noah’s Preseason Pick Chris’s Preseason Pick Actual Winner Great Lakes DuPage DuPage Owens Mid-Atlantic Rockingham Rockingham Rockingham North Niagara

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Div. 2-East District Preview (Reg. 3, 15, & 21)

For the 3rd time in the past 4 years, Monroe made the trip to Enid. They, unfortunately, they went 1-2 BBQ Losing to both Northeast (NE) and Lincoln Land. 

Previous Winners: ‘19 Monroe CC, ‘18 Monroe CC, ‘17 UConn Avery Point, ‘16 Monroe CC

Both the Pre-Season Player and Pitcher of the year goes to Mercyhurst Northeast. The pitcher goes to Alex Cardona while the player goes to Korey Shoupe. 

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