Juco Fall SnapShot – Northeast Texas

As we start a new path and amp up content we provide here is the first of what we hope are many previews of the such. This is a quick dive into how each team is doing this fall. Diving into what they think their team has been doing and so on. This does not play into the pre-season rankings however it does help us get a baseline for stuff to come further into the year. 

The first one of this new content piece takes us to Mt. Pleasant, Texas as we sat down with Head Coach Andy Morgan to talk about a whole bunch of different things. 

Last Years Record: 17-29

Last Years Conf Record: 11-22

Last Years Final Ranking: N/A

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2021 Season Final Ranking

And that is all she wrote! Better late then never but we are finally here to wrap up the 2021

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Week 17 – Division 1 National Rankings

So far #6 Florence-Darlington Tech, #7 San Jac, #17 Shelton State, and #19 Miami-Dade have punched their tickets to Grand

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Week 15 National Rankings

Division 1 Rank Team Record Change 1 Walters State 54-4 – 2 Wabash Valley 43-3 – 3 Central Arizona 43-5

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Week 14 Team of the Week/Hot Teams/Players of the Week

Teams of The Week

-Here is a look at the teams that made the biggest moves or had huge weeks as a team for each division

Herkimer 6-0

They are 22-2 so far this season. Sitting just outside the top 5 at the Division 3 level. Do not let that fool you though. On top of having a 6-0 Week they outscored the other teams 92-9. They Hit .474 as a team during the week with 22 Doubles (No that is not a typo), 12 Home Runs, and were 29-30 in stolen bases. 

Tompkins Cortland 16-6

Tompkins Cortland 16-6

Jefferson (NY) 16-1

Jefferson (NY) 26-1

Jefferson (NY) 15-0

Jefferson (NY) 16-1

Hot Teams 

This is a quick look at a few teams past 10 games. These teams are on a hot streak. And were going to tell you why

Lansing 10-0 (19-Game Win Streak, 21-Counting Week 15 Games)

One thing that is generally said about Northern Baseball is that they can’t compete with warm weather teams, Nobody can produce in the cold ext. Well Lansing has something to say about that. They have been riding a 19 game win streak dating back to March 30th, a 5-4 loss to Muskegon. Sense then however Lansing has put their foot on the gas pedal and propelled themselves into the #2 Spot in our National Poll, One of the top teams across all of Junior College (If we were to rank them all together), and making a very loud statement as to why you should not underestimate a team that is a Cold Weather Baseball Team. 

Instead of looking at the past 10 games let's look at how they have produced during this 19-Game-Win-Streak. Over that span they have hit .344 as a team, with 40 Doubles, 8 Triples, and 24 Home Runs. They have scored 196 Runs over that span. On the Pitching side is where Lansing has really shown their strength so far during this run. Allowing only 67 runs, 50 of them Earned giving them a 3.63 ERA during that span. They have Stuck out 157 as will while bolstering a 2.38 K/BB Ratio and a 17.44 K/9. 

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