2021 Division 2 Junior College World Series

“To win it, you not only have to be good, you must play near the top of your capabilities as

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2021 Theoretical Field of 64

One of the things many people “Complain about” when it comes to the Junior College Baseball Postseason system is that

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Div 2- Mid Atlantic District Preview (Reg. 19 & 20)

Baseball in the Northeast is something that for many people outside of that region of the country gets overlooked. But if you are from that region or know anything about it you know that is something that is a very thriving thing.

This district has only been to the National Championship 1 time in the past 10 years and that was Mercer in 2017 where they finished 2nd losing to Kankakee. Other then that Mercer has gone two other times in that span (2016 and 2014), Lackawanna has gone 3 times(2019, 2013, and 2012), while CCBC Essex (2018), Frederick (2015), and Cecil (2011) have all gone just one time over the last 10 years. 

Tallent as we said is plentiful if you care to look and find it in the northeast. This district is lead by:

Lackwanna’s-Jake Kelchner, George Castro, and Kyle Scott

Morris’s-Sam Armstrong

Delaware Tech's-Jonathan Goleblowski

Mercer’s-Greg Delgado, NIck McAuliffe, and Jarrett May

Anne Arundel’s-Leonard Lehner, and Elijah Santana

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