NJCAA Div. 1 Strength of Schedule Rankings

With the season starting either right after this goes out or in the past if you are just reading it you know one thing is for sure. This year Junior College Baseball is about to be one of the Hottest things in the baseball world that nobody is talking about.. Well that is expect for use. 

So since our Pre-Season Ranking came out we decided to take a look at some of the toughest schedules across the country. 

In this post we look at the top 25 Toughest Div 1 Schedules this year as well as a team that we feel might not lose a game and possibly put the 2009 Howard teams record in jeopardy. 






Community Christian College








Baton Rouge


Salt Lake


San Jac








North Central Texas




Northeast Texas


Seminole State (OK)


Arkansas Baptist


Lincoln Trail


Rend Lake


Lake Land


Volunteer State










Central Arizona

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2021 NJCAA Div. 1 Pre-Season All-Americans

Pitchers Christian McGowan-Eastern Oklahoma State Hunter Parks-Florence-Darlington Tech Peyton Zable-Iowa Western Infield Harold Coll-San Jac Dax Fellows-Southern Nevada CJ Valdez-Yavapai

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Div. 1- Midwest District Preview(Reg. 4, 11, & 24)

Did we save the best for last? Some might think that. But, in all honesty it was because there is so much talent in this district that myself and Chris could not come to an agreement very easily about who we thought would be receiving any of the pre-season accolades. 

To start, this district had the potential last year to have 3 of the top 4 teams in the country playing for one spot at the Juco World Series in Grand Junction. Second, last year when the season ended three of the top 5 spots in the final National Ranking were claimed by teams from this district (#1 John A. Logan 20-1, #2 Wabash Valley 17-2, and #5 Iowa Western 20-4). Third, those same three teams have very legitimate chances at being ranked in the preseason top 5 again this year as they have no fewer than 15 MLB draftable arms combined (too many to name them all) and this district boasts several of the best position players in the country in Voth, Washington, Hall, Pinales and Hodges.

When looking at the past winners of this District they have done extremely well at the National Stage in Grand Junction!

Without those three teams however there is still loads of talent that is present up and down this district. 

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Div. 1- South West District Preview (Reg. 5)

So if you are new here welcome to the Region/District that is close to my (Noah’s) heart. And every year this is one that is one of the harder ones to put together/judge/rank/all of the above because A. I can't be biased, B. there is always talent coming out of every nook and cranny in this region, C. there is only one team that can make it to Grand Junction out of this region and almost every year there could be 2-3 teams that could make noise at the World Series but only one can make it, and D. when it comes time for the Region 5 Tournament anything and everything can happen and i have seen that first hand. 

Over the past decade there has been a huge variety of teams with only 3 teams making multiple trips over the past 10 years with McLennan going in 2015 (National Runner-Ups), and 2017; Cisco in 2016 and 2012 (this one hurt on a personal level); and Midland in back to back years in 2013 and 2014. New Mexico punched their ticked in 2019 and Temple got the ticket in 2018 due to a very controversial call/situation that took place in the Region 5 Championship between Cisco and McLennan. 

As stated above and like almost all other regions there is a plethora of tallent that is in Region 5 this year which includes:

Clarendon’s- Kevin Bermudez

McLennan’s- Garret Martin, Logan Henderson, and Kevin Skweres

New Mexico Militaries- Rudy Solis

Odessa’s- Guilio Monello, Sean Stephens, and Trevor Hatton

Howard’s- Broch Holmes, Justin Wishkoshki, and Nicco Cole

El Paso’s- Seth Homfeld, Oscoar Cuello, and Pablo Cortes

Weatherford’s- Hunter Rosson, Brett Brown, and Cade Farr

Grayson’s- Wade Elliott, Shay Harris, and Nathan Art

New Mexico’s- Adrian Torres and Justin Butz

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Div 3- Mid Atlantic District Preview (Reg. 10 & 20)

In recent history this district has been dominated by Rockinham. Winning both the last two tickets to the world series, and being national ranked each of the past few years. Before their two trips Prince George’s won in 2017 and in 2014, Montgomery went in 2016, 2015, 2013, and 2012, with Westmoreland taking the trip in 2011. 

The talent this year is mostly centered around Rockingham with tallent up and down the team, as well as Caldwell and a few over  at Thomas Nelson. 

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