For the first time ever we are changing it up. This team is a bit different. We took out the divisions. This is across all divisions, and all associations, Made up of the NJCAA Div. 1, 2, & 3, the CCCAA, and the NWAC. It is just one team. What we think are the Top of the Top across the talent at the Junior College level across the country. 

Player of the Year

Sam Antonacci – Heartland (NJCAA Div. 2)

Pitcher of the Year

Ryne Rodriguez – Weatherford (NJCAA Div. 1)

2-Way Player of the Year

Kade Snell – Wallace-Dothan (NJCAA Div. 1)


Nicklas Williams – Wabash Valley (NJCAA Div. 1)

Rhett Stokes – New Mexico Military (NJCAA Div. 1)

Hunter Lay – Lansing (NJCAA Div. 2)

Tanner Reaves – Blinn (NJCAA Div. 1)


Aaron Graeber – RCSJ Gloucester (NJCAA Div. 3)

Bubba Rocha – Los Medanos (CCCAA)

Caden Robertson – Cedar Valley (NJCAA Div. 3)


Ben Hartl – Heartland (NJCAA Div. 2) (C)

Tyler Bishop – Southeast (NE) (NJCAA Div. 1) (DH)

Starting Pitchers

Austin Eaton – Navarro (NJCAA Div. 1)

Ryan Lynch – Bellevue (NWAC)

Luc Fladda – Johnson County (NJCAA Div. 1)

Relief Pitchers

Jackson Bolender – Lane (NWAC)

Dylan Watts – Tacoma (NWAC)

Sam Roberts – Chandler-Gilbert (NJCAA Div. 2)


J.T. Drake – Pima (NJCAA Div. 1)

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