It is that time of year when we love to play the comparison game. With Regional Play starting up across the country, We like to take a theoretical look at what the postseason could look like if the Junior College level structured their postseason like the NCAA Division 1 level with their Field of 64 and going to Omaha. 


Now we know how finances and travel budgets are at the junior college level but it is always fun to look at how it could look if they had it structured that way. 


And as always we are going to have a Twitter Poll to decide who would be the theoretical field of 64 Champion. 



Voting for the Div. 3 will start in the second round of the other two to keep them together voting with each of the other two divisions

The Top 4 National Seeds


#1 Caldwell Tech

#2 Owens

#3 Niagara County

#4 RCSJ Gloucester


The Other Regional Hosts


#5 Northern Essex

#6 Herkimer

#7 North Arkansas

#8 DC-Eastfield


Hudson Regional


Region Teams Record
1 Caldwell Tech 35-3
Rhode Island 20-14
Genesee 28-9
Middlesex County 29-11


Perrysburg Regional


Region 2 Teams Record
2 Owens 40-2
CC of Allegheny County 14-7
Riverland 31-9
DuPage 30-12


Sanborn Regional


Region 3 Teams Record
3 Niagara County 32-5
Central Lakes 15-8
Brookdale 28-12
Century 26-13


Sewell Regional


Region 4 Teams Record
4 RCSJ Gloucester 36-5
Minnesota North College – Itasca 22-14
Dallas College – Richland 30-20
Joliet 30-21


Haverhill Regional


Region 5 Teams Record
5 Northern Essex 27-6
Nassau 16-8
Cayuga 25-11
Dallas College – Cedar Valley 35-17


Herkimer Regional


Region 6 Teams Record
6 Herkimer 28-5
Erie 23-18
St. Cloud Tech 14-9
Kingsborough 22-10


Harrison Regional


Region 7 Teams Record
7 North Arkansas 35-12
Milwaukee Area Tech 24-17
Massaolt 19-8
Finger Lake 36-11


Mesquite Regional


Region 8 Teams Record
8 Dallas College – Eastfield 39-11
Alexandria Tech 14-5
Northampton 22-12
Camp 28-17


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