Last 5 Winners: 2021 - Cowley, 2020 - Covid, 2019 - Cowley, 2018 - Barton, 2017 - Cowley, 2016 - Cowley

This District has been dominated by Cowley over the last few years winning (excluding the Covid year) 4 of the 5 District titles dating back to 2016. With barton winning it in 2018. This district has also not had a National title since 1998 when Cowley won back to back in 1998 and 1997. Those were also the last two national title games that had been played by teams that were in this district.

This year’s group looks to be breaking through in a big way. With many of the big teams staying on top with a lot of the middle of the pack teams making moves to contend for the top spots. Cowley looks to be on top as usual with Johnson County not far behind them. Following them is going to be a huge group of teams that have the talent to make a lot of noise. Cloud looks to be a team that is going to make some noise as well as Neosho, Seward, and Colby, and many others.
Top Players/Draft Prospects in the Region
*These are in no order

Aaron Hayes - RHP - Cloud (Missouri State Commit)
Alex Cook - Colby
Brayden Cust - OF - Colby
Isaac Stebens - RHP - Cowley (Oklahoma State Commit)
Bryce Madron - OF - Cowley (Oklahoma Commit)
Max Chapman - LHP - Johnson County (Charlotte Commit)
Quinton Hall - OF - Johnson County (Central Missouri Commit)
Rhett Jaggers - Allen County
Jordan Ellison - Barton (Colorado Mesa Commit)
Zach Thornton - Barton - (Grand Canyon Commit)
Chat Hayes - LHP - Coffeyville (Nicholls Commit)
Clint Chappell - RHP/INF - Fort Scott
Drew Miller - LHP - Fort Scott
Carter Holstein - Hutchinson
Charlie Mosser - Hutchinson
Jordan Helm - INF - Neosho
Madden Rutherford - RHP - Neosho
Jason Schneider - Seward
Reed Thomas - INF - Seward


Region 6
Allen County
Cloud County
Dodge City
Fort Scott
Garden City
Highland (KS)
Johnson County
Kansas City Kansas

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