Last 5 Winners: 2021 - Fredrick, 2020 - Covid, 2019 - Lackawanna, 2018 - CCBC Essex, 2017 - Mercer County (National Runner Up), 2016 - Mercer County

This looks to be a move. This district has split. What use to be Region 20 and Region 19 is now just Region 20. For better or for worse this is yet to be seen.

This means it looks to really be a one-team race from the looks of it. Chesapeake will have talent, Southern Maryland is going to be an interesting follow, CCBC Essex is going to be a strong contender. The team that seems to be the front runner is going to be Frederick.


Region 20
Allegany Maryland
Anne Arundel
CCBC Catonsville
CCBC Dundalk
CCBC Essex
Southern Maryland

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