Last 5 Winners: 2021 - Kellogg, 2020 - Covid, 2019 - Kellogg, 2018 - Sinclair, 2017 - Kellogg, 2016 - Sinclair

This Region has not had a team in the National Title game since 2007 when Kellogg was the runner-up. That though does not mean that it is not talented. Cold weather teams usually get overlooked when it comes to what they can do and produce on the field.

In the past few years there have been multiple teams from this region ranked in the top 5 in the country but when they get to that national stage just seem to fall short.

This year’s crop is going to be very fun to watch and be very interesting to see how it shapes out.
Top Players/Draft Prospects in the Region
*These are in no order

Matthew Peters - RHP - Ivy Tech (Miami (OH) Commit)
Jaimen Albizu - SS/OF - Ivy Tech
Jagger Jefferies - LHP - Bryant & Stratton (OH)
Dominick Prevsek - INF/RHP - Bryant & Stratton (OH)
Ben Hubert - RHP - Kellogg
Tate Peterson - OF - Kellogg
Michael Tchavdarov - Jackson State (Davenport Commit)
Ryan Harrison - Macomb (Concordia Commit)

Region 12
Bryant & Stratton (OH)
Clark State
Edison State
Glen Oaks
Grand Rapids
Henry Ford
Ivy Tech Northeast
Kalamazoo Valley
Lake Michigan
Mid Michigan
St. Clair County

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