s many people know Junior College baseball plays a huge role when it comes to the 4-year landscape. Every year 100s of junior college guys make their way to 4-year schools and make an impact. Halfway through last year, we released our mid-season Juco Recruiting Classes, and since then there has been a lot of change. Guys getting drafted, Guys switching their Commitments, and even guys making commitments.


We originally were going to have a Top 50 but after getting stuff going we realized that we could not stop at 50 and had to expand to 63. Yes, that is a random number but hey that is just how we do things over here.

Also, we decided to add the Top 10 Division 2 Teams, Top 5 NAIA Teams, As well as the Conf Rankings for all of the teams that we ranked. 

#63-#43: https://thejbb.net/2021/10/14/2022-made-it-to-campus-recruiting-class-63-43/

#42-#22: https://thejbb.net/2021/10/15/2022-made-it-to-…s-rankings-42-22/

#21-#1: https://thejbb.net/2021/10/16/2022-made-it-to-…ss-rankings-21-1/

Division 2 Top 10: https://thejbb.net/2021/10/18/2022-made-it-to-…ivision-2-top-10/

NAIA Top 5: https://thejbb.net/2021/10/18/2022-made-it-to-…class-naia-top-5/

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