With the 2021 MLB Draft ending on Tuesday. We sat down and broke down everything. 

Where Junior College Ties were, The percent that Had junior College Ties. Which teams had the most Junior College Bandits, Who had the least number of bandits, what was the longest Stretch between Bandit picks, and a few others 

To start, let’s look at the draft as a whole. 

Over the 20 Rounds, there were 612 players drafted. Of those 612 there were 115 High School Guys and 497 College guys. 

Of those College guys, there were 128 that had Junior College Ties in one way or another. 

Of those 128 with Junior college ties, there were 47 Players taken straight from a Junior College. (39 NJCAA, 7 CCCAA, 1 NWAC)

So 20.9% of the Total draft had a Junior College tie. 

And 25.7% of Just Drafter College Players had Junior College Ties. 

Here is the breakdown by Junior College Division 


3 with NWAC Connections

1 straight from an NWAC School


17 with CCCAA Connections

7 straight from a CCCAA School


108 with NJCAA Connections

39 straight from an NJCAA School

What is the age-old question that is always asked? Does the Junior College Route help you get drafted/seen? 

Does this answer that question?

As mentioned in the Day 2 Recap. There were no players taken in the 1st and CB-A rounds. Making the first Player with Junior College Ties taken at #45 in Ky Bush who was a former Central Arizona Pitcher, who was picked by the Angels. 

The next was taken at #71 (CB-B) in Robert Gasser, former San Joaquin Delta Pitcher, who was drafted by the Padres. 

The first Straight of Junior College Player that was taken was taken #91 (3rd Round) in Ricky Tiedemann out of Golden West, who was drafted by the Blue Jays. 

There were multiple times in the 2nd two days where Bandits were taken in back-to-back picks. The first time it happened was in the 4th Round with picks 121 and 122.  With pick 121 the Blue Jays selected former Panola Pitcher Chad Dallas, and with Pick 122 the Yankees selected former Iowa Western Infielder Cooper Bowman. 

It happened two different times in the 9th Round. First was back to back with picks 261 and 262 (Brandon Olthoff-Palomar, Levi David-Navarro). Then again with picks 266,267, and 268 (Mat Olsen-Central Arizona, Brannon Jordan-Cowley, Aaron Brown-State College of Florida)

It happened 13 other times in the rest of the draft. 

Every Single MLB Team Drafted someone that had a Junior College Tie. Every single one of them. 

The Reds led the way drafting 10, the Pirates and Royals each drafted 7, and the Angels, Astros, Brewers, Mariners, and Twins each drafted 6. 

The teams with the least were both the Giants and Rockies who each drafted 1. 

To wrap up the Draft recap here is a list of the top 10 Junior College Schools that had Current/Former Players Taken in the 2021 MLB Draft

There were a total of 75 Different Junior Colleges with Players Selected. (12 CCCAA, 3 NWAC, 60 NJCAA)

Schools with the Most Current/Former Players Drafted

Juco Div Total
State College of Florida NJCAA 8
Central Arizona NJCAA 6
Chipola NJCAA 5
Florida SouthWestern State NJCAA 5
San Jac NJCAA 5
Southern Nevada NJCAA 4
Cypress CCCAA 4
John A. Logan NJCAA 4
McLennan NJCAA 3
Cental Florida NJCAA 3
Iowa Western NJCAA 3
Northwest Florida NJCAA 3
Yavapia NJCAA 3
Gold West CCCAA 2
Sac City CCCAA 2
South Mountain NJCAA 2
Weatherford NJCAA 2
Blinn NJCAA 2
Santa Fe NJCAA 2
St. Johns River NJCAA 2

Schools with the Most Current Players Drafted

Juco Div Current
Chipola NJCAA 4
Florida SouthWestern State NJCAA 4
Central Arizona NJCAA 3
Southern Nevada NJCAA 3
State College of Florida NJCAA 2
San Jac NJCAA 2
Cypress CCCAA 2
McLennan NJCAA 2
Gold West CCCAA 2
22 with Just 1

Schools with the most Former Players Drafted

Juco Div Former
State College of Florida NJCAA 6
John A. Logan NJCAA 4
Central Arizona NJCAA 3
San Jac NJCAA 3
Iowa Western NJCAA 3
Northwest Florida NJCAA 3
Yavapia NJCAA 3
Cypress CCCAA 2
Cental Florida NJCAA 2
Blinn NJCAA 2
Santa Fe NJCAA 2
St. Johns River NJCAA 2
San Joaquin Delta CCCAA 2

Break Down of How Many Bandits were taken by each team

Team # of Bandits
Reds 10
Pirates 7
Royals 7
Angels 6
Astros 6
Brewers 6
Mariners 6
Twins 6
Dodgers 5
Phillies 5
Rangers 5
Red Sox 5
Tigers 5
A’s 4
Blue Jays 4
Diamondbacks 4
Marlins 4
Rays 4
White Sox 4
Yankees 4
Braves 3
Orioles 3
Padres 3
Cardinals 2
Cubs 2
Indians 2
Mets 2
Narionals 2
Giants 1
Rockies 1

2021 Full List of Junior College Drafted Players

Round Pick Teams Name Pos School Juco
2nd 45 Angels Ky Bush LHP St. Mary’s Central Arizona
CB-B 71 Padres Robert Gasser LHP Houston San Joaquin Delta
3rd 81 Mets Dominic Hamel RHP Dallas Baptist Yavapia
3rd 91 Blue Jays Ricky Tiedemann LHP Golden West
3rd 96 Braves Dylan Dodd LHP Southeast Missouri Kankakee
3rd 98 Twins Cade Povich LHP Nebraska South Mountain
4th 113 Mariners Bryce Miller RHP Texas A&M Blinn
4th 116 Brewers Logan Hemderson RHP *Texas A&M McLennan
4th 121 Blue Jays Chad Dallas RHP Tennessee Panola
4th 122 Yankees Cooper Bowman 2B Louisville Iowa Western
4th 128 Twins Christian Encarnacion-Strand 3B Oklahoma State Yavapia
5th 133 Pirates Jackson Glenn 3B Dallas Baptist Grayson
5th 135 Tigers Tanner Kohlhepp RHP Notre Dame Iowa Western
5th 137 Orioles Carlos Tavera RHP UT-Arlington Weatherford
5th 150 Reds Thomas Farr RHP South Carolina Northwest Florida
5th 154 Cubs Liam Spence Ss Tennessee Central Arizona
5th 161 Rays Mason Auer OF/RHP *Oregon San Jac
6th 163 Pirates Mike Jarvis 2B San Diego State Saddleback
6th 165 Tigers Austin Murr OF NC State Des Moines Area
6th 169 Royals Dayton Dooney 2B *Tennessee Central Arizona
6th 171 Angels Jake Smith RHP Miami State College of Florida
6th 177 Brewers Carlos Rodrigez P Florida Southwestern State
6th 178 Astros Spencer Arrighetti RHP Louisiana Lafayette Navarro
6th 180 Reds Justice Thompson OF North Carolina Northwest Florida
6th 185 White Sox Taylor Broadway RHP Mississipppi Tyler
7th 193 Pirates Wyatt Hendrie C San Diego State Antelope Valley
7th 201 Angels Ryan Costeiu RHP Arkansas Sac City
7th 205 Phillies Christian Mcgowan RHP *Texas Tech Eastern Oklahoma
7th 207 Brewers Tristan Peters OF SIU-Carbondale Chandler Gilbert
7th 213 Yankees Robert Ahlstrom LHP Oregon Chemeka
7th 218 A’s Brett Harris 3B Gonzaga Central Arizona
8th 238 Astros Colton Gordon LHP Central Florida Hillsbourough
8th 240 Reds Hunter Parks RHP *South Carolina Florence Darlington Tech
9th 253 Pirates Luke Brown OF Lousiville John A. Logan
9th 254 Rangers Liam Hicks C Arkansas State Mineral Area
9th 256 Red Sox Tyler Miller 3B Auburn East Mississippi
9th 258 Diamondbacks Jake Rice LHP Kennesaw state Gulf Coast
9th 261 Angels Brandon Olthoff RHP Tulane Palomar
9th 262 Mets Levi David RHP Northwestern (LA) McLennan
9th 264 Mariners Spencer Packard OF Campbell Arizona Western
9th 266 Giants Mat Olsen RHP *Arizona State Central Arizona
9th 267 Brewers Brannon Jordan RHP South Carolina Cowley
9th 268 Astros Aaron Brown P Middle Tennessee State State College of Florida
9th 274 Cubs Chase Watkins LHP Oregon State Central Florida
9th 281 Rays Alex Ayala LHP Florida SouthWestern State
10th 284 Rangers CJ Widger LHP Rowan Gloucester
10th 291 Angels Andrew Peters RHP South Carolina John A. Logan
10th 294 Mariners Jordan Jackson RHP Georgia Shouthern Spartanburg Methodist
10th 299 Marlins Hunter Perdue Florida State State College of Florida
10th 300 Reds Donovan Benoit Rhp Tulane Santa Fe
10th 306 Indians Franco Aleman RHP Florida St. Johns River
11th 315 Tigers Josh Crouch C Central Florida State College of Florida
11th 321 Angels Chase Silseth RHP Arizona Southern Nevada
11th 323 Nationals Marc Davis RHP Florida Southwestern State
11th 325 Phillies Andrew Baker RHP *South Carolina Chipola
11th 330 Reds Shawn Guilliams RHP *Florida Central Florida
11th 331 Cardinals Mach Chambers SS New Mexico Seminole State (OK)
11th 333 Yankees Jack Neely RHP Ohio State Iowa Western
11th 336 Indians Hunter Stanleu RHP Southern Miss Meridian
11th 339 Twins Brandon Birdsell RHP Texas Tech San Jac
11th 342 Dodgers Justin Wrobleski LHP Oklahoma State State College of Florida
12th 343 Pirates Chazz Martinez RHP Orange Coast
12th 344 Rangers Jackson Leath RHP Tennessee Blinn
12th 349 Royals Tyson Guerrero LHP Washington Lower Columbia
12th 354 Mariners Corey Rosier OF UNC Greensboro Chipola
12th 358 Astros Rhett Kouba RHP Dallas Baptist North Central Texas
12th 360 Reds Juilian Aguiar RHP Cypress
12th 365 White Sox Johnny Ray RHP TCU John A. Logan
12th 367 Braves Andrew Hoffmann RHP Illinois John A. Logan
12th 368 A’s Mitch Meyers RHP Pittsburgh Florida Southwestern State
12th 371 Rays Johnny Cuevas RHP/3B *Cal State Fullerton Southern Nevada
12th 372 Dodgers Ronan Kopp LHP South Mountain
13th 374 Rangers Thomas Ireland RHP Polk State
13th 378 Diamondbacks Josh Swales RHP Southern Nevada
13th 379 Royals Patrick Hallogan RHP Pensacola State
13th 395 White Sox Colby Smelley C Shelton State
13th 400 Padres Kobe Robinson RHP Chattanooga State
13th 402 Dodgers Antonio Knowles RHP *Florida Florida Southwestern State
14th 404 Rangers Tucker Mitcjell C State College of Florida
14th 406 Red Sox Jacob Webb P Miami (Oh) Sinclair
14th 408 Diamondbacks Channy Ortiz Ss Grand Canyon Yavapia
14th 414 Mariners Andrew Moore RHP Chipola
14th 418 Astros Bryant Salgado RHP Oregon State San Jac
14th 422 Blue Jays Damiano Palmegiani 3B *Arizona Southern Nevada
14th 425 White Sox Noah Owens RHP Golden West
14th 428 A’s Jonny Butler OF NC State Heartland
15th 433 Pirates Tyler Samaniego P South Alabama Northeast Mississippi
15th 439 Royals River Towns OF Dallas Baptist LSU-Eunice
15th 447 Brewers Hunter Hollan P San Jac
15th 448 Astros Adrian Chaidez RHP UCLA Cypress
15th 461 Rays Connor Angel P UL-Lafayette Northwest Florida
16th 466 Red Sox BJ Vela 2B Reedley
16th 467 Orioles Peter Van Loon RHP UC-Irvine Ohlone
16th 469 Royals Anthony Simonelli P Virginia Tech St. Johns River
16th 475 Phillies Ty Collins P Glendale
16th 479 Marlins Ivan Melendez 1B Texas Odessa
16th 480 Reds Owen Holts P *TCU Alvin
16th 481 Cardinals Aaron McKeithan C Charlotte State College of Florida
16th 483 Yankees Cole Ayers P State College of Florida
16th 487 Braves Kris Anglin P Howard
16th 489 Twins Johnathan Lavaller RHP Long Beach LA Pierce
17th 496 Red Sox Luis Guerrero P Chipola
17th 500 Rockies Jarrod Cande OF Florida Southern Santa Fe
17th 509 Marlins Justin Fall LHP Arizona State Brookdale
17th 510 Reds Dennis Boatman RHP Sac City
17th 522 Dodgers Adam Tulloch LHP West Birginia Central Florida
18th 525 Tigers Ben Malgeri OF Northeastern New Mexico
18th 526 Red Sox Phillip Sikes OF TCU Pima
18th 529 Royals Harrison Beethe RHP TCU North Iowa Area
18th 535 Phillies Malik Binns P Benveu Mesa Waubonsee
18th 540 Reds Austin Callahan 3B Hutchinson
18th 548 A’s Mariano Ricciardi 2B Dayton Cypress
19th 559 Royals Cam wIlliams 3B Texas San Jac
19th 563 Nationals Riggs Threadgill P McLennan
19th 569 Marlins Noah Williamson OF Everett
19th 572 Blue Jays Juan Gonzalez C Miami Dade
19th 579 Twins Jaylen Nowlin P Chipola
19th 580 Padres Gabriel Rincomes OF St. Petersburg
19th 582 Dodgers Gabe Emmett P Folsom Lake
20th 583 Pirates Brenden Dixon SS Weatherford
20th 585 Tigers J.D. McLaughlin OF Central Arizona
20th 587 Orioles Trendon Craig OF Louisburg
20th 588 Diamondbacks Ross Carver P Dallas Baptist Crowder
20th 594 Mariners Troy Taylor P Cypress
20th 595 Phillies Cam Wynne RHP Nebraska Johnson County
20th 597 Brewers Samuel Mendez RHP Cisco
20th 600 Reds Javi Rivera RHP Florida Atlantic Indian Rivers State
20th 609 Twins Dillion Tatum C UC-Irvine San Joaquin Delta

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