Division 3 Player of the Year

Tyler – Miguel Vega

Division 3 Pitcher of the Year

Niagara County – Ryan Peterson

Division 3: 1st Team All-American

Pos Team Name
Catcher RCSJ Gloucester John Cristino
Infield Brookhaven Luke Farrar
Infield Tyler Dalton Davis
Infield Rainy River John Michael Gonzalez Jr.
Infield Brookhaven Brett Wagner
Outfield Niagara County Scottie O’Bryan
Outfield Eastfield Jayden Morgan
Outfield RCSJ Gloucester Nick Nocella
Starting PItcher RCSJ Gloucester Jack Billings
Starting PItcher RCSJ Gloucester Chris Widger
Starting PItcher Herkimer Greg Farone
Starting PItcher Tyler Adam Davis
Relief PItcher RCSJ Cumberland Jake Crawford
Relief Pitcher Northern Essex Todd Tringale
Relief Pitcher Tyler Zach Williams
Relief Pitcher Coastal Bend Justin Gomez
Closer Century Spencer Wright

Division 3: 2nd Team All-American

Pos Team Name
Catcher Herkimer Yuzuki Okamura
Infield Joliet Tony Fleischauer
Infield Herkimer Dakota Britt
Infield Harper Joey Fitzgerald
Infield Niagara County Cal Brazier
Outfield Tyler Heath Hood
Outfield Herkimer Anthony Raimo, Jr
Outfield Milwaukee Area Tech Peter Fusek
Starting PItcher Riverland Maxwell Schumacher
Starting PItcher Herkimer Brandon Breakell
Starting PItcher Oakton NATHAN PARDINI
Starting PItcher Century Isaac Benesh
Relief PItcher St. Cloud Tech Sam Ochoa
Relief Pitcher Oakton KYLE MOORE
Relief Pitcher Rockingham Camden Woods
Relief Pitcher Coastal Bend Alec Cruz
Closer RCSJ Gloucester Tom Kane

Division 3: 3rd Team All-American

Pos Team Name
Catcher Central Lakes Gunnar Wicklund
Infield Caldwell Tech Noah Love
Infield Milwaukee Area Tech Bradley Vondruska
Infield Joliet Noah Mazza
Outfield Rockingham Bennet Nooe
Outfield Erie Greg Hare
Outfield Northern Essex Logan Burill
Starting PItcher DuPage Mike Sullivan
Starting PItcher Brookhaven Dylan Bivins
Starting PItcher DuPage Zak Fisher
Starting PItcher Herkimer Trey Princiotto
Relief PItcher Caldwell Tech Seth Willis
Relief Pitcher Coastal Bend Hudson Oliver
Relief Pitcher Eastfield Blake Richardson
Relief Pitcher RCSJ Cumberland Andrew Simone
Closer Herkimer David Montalvo

Division 3: Honorable Mention All-Americans

Pos Team Name
Catcher North Lake DREW DECKER
Infield Brookhaven Jonathan Boyer
Infield St. Cloud Tech Erik Holloman
Infield Niagara County Andrew Fairbrother
Infield Herkimer Salvatore Carricato
Outfield Brookdale Christian Bauman
Outfield Westmoreland Tommy Kegerreis
Outfield Century Chris Jacobs
Starting PItcher St. Cloud Tech Dylan Haskamp
Starting PItcher Century David VanOrt
Starting PItcher Rockingham Jonathan Todd
Starting PItcher Tyler Caleb Putnam
Relief PItcher Tyler Benjamin Wilson
Relief Pitcher Oakton GEORGE VALENCIA
Relief Pitcher Tyler Tom Symonds
Relief Pitcher Milwaukee Area Tech Hruz Wagner
Closer Finger Lakes Alex Savory
One thought on “2021 Division 3 All-Americans”
  1. Where is Doug Loden from Joliet Junior College? Led division 3 in Homeruns and RBI. Someone has some explaining to do?? I’m serious when I say someone in charge needs to look into this!

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