Division 2 Player of the Year

Miles – Dawson Parry

Division 2 Pitcher of the Year

Western  Oklahoma State – Jose Torrealba

Division 2: 1st Team All-Americans

Pos Team Name
Catcher Kirkwood Joel Vaske
Infield Catawba Valley Chandler Blackwelder
Infield Kirkwood Alex Pendergast
Infield McHenry Jack Hines
Infield Black Hawk-Moline Cayle Webster
Outfield McHenry AJ Henkle
Outfield Monroe CC Trey Brown
Outfield Pearl River Tate Parker
Starting PItcher LSU-Eunice Jerry Couch
Starting PItcher Kellogg Al Thorington
Starting PItcher Miles Jett Hasegawa
Starting PItcher Pearl River Landon Gartman
Relief PItcher LSU-Eunice Austin Andrishok
Relief Pitcher LSU-Eunice Jacob Hammond
Relief Pitcher Northeast (NE) Alex Potter
Relief Pitcher Hinds Noah Magee
Closer Southeastern (IA) Reece Wissinger

Division 2: 2nd Team All-Americans

Pos Team Name
Catcher Lackawanna Brandon Ernst
Infield Lincoln Land Jacob Curtis
Infield NOC-Enid Ambren Voitik
Infield Kankakee Owen Jackson
Infield Lincoln Land Jayden Myren
Outfield Kirkwood Josh Fitzgerald
Outfield Kellogg Tate Peterson
Outfield NOC-Enid Calyn Halvorson
Starting PItcher Patrick Henry Magnus Ellerts
Starting PItcher Meridian Alec Sparks
Starting PItcher Brunswick Cale Bolton
Starting PItcher Madison Alex Redman
Relief PItcher Catawba Valley Cooper Sain
Relief Pitcher Kirkwood Frankie Cresta
Relief Pitcher Kellogg Ben Hubert
Relief Pitcher Kellogg Connor Brawley
Closer Black Hawk-Moline Kyle Stoddard

Division 2: 3rd Team All-Americans

Pos Team Name
Catcher Lansing Hunter Lay
Infield Carl Albert State Mac Moody
Infield Murray State Chase Keeton
Infield Carl Sandburg Ben Higgins
Infield John Wood Lucas Loos
Outfield LSU-Eunice Jarrett McDonald
Outfield National Park Demias Jimerson
Outfield Parkland Cole Evans
Starting PItcher Black Hawk-Moline Payton Lawrence
Starting PItcher Lackawanna Kyle Scott
Starting PItcher Chesapeake Daniel Leo
Starting PItcher Danville Area CJ Backer
Relief PItcher :Parkland Kyle Brown
Relief Pitcher Catawba Valley Jonah Milchuck
Relief Pitcher Lincoln Land Adam Lindsey
Relief Pitcher Catawba Valley Noah Carter
Closer Hesston Eli Prine

Division 2: Honorable Mention All-Americans

Pos Team Name
Catcher Monroe CC Evan Magill
Infield Bismark State Kyle Leapaldt
Infield Kankakee Ian Sanders
Infield Morton Rayth Petersen
Infield Catawba Valley James Hinson
Outfield East Central (MS) Clayton Cook
Outfield McHenry Noah Wenger
Outfield LSU-Eunice Scott Jones
Starting PItcher Western Oklahoma State Juan Pimentel
Starting PItcher Patrick Henry Spencer Rife
Starting PItcher Carl Albert State Alex Gonzalez
Starting PItcher LSU-Eunice Jackson Rodriguez
Relief PItcher North Central Missouri Jay Greco
Relief Pitcher Pitt Paul Gervase
Relief Pitcher East Central (MS) Gates Pee
Relief Pitcher NOC-Enid Murphy Gienger
Closer Madison Jett Thielke

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