Walters State won this Region in 2019. They went on to beat Gordon State in the Appalachian District Title game to punch their ticket to Grand Junction. 


This Region is made up of 10 teams. That spans the state of Tennessee. The field is made up of the 8 Teams that Played last week in a best 2 of 3 followed by a Double Elimination Final-4 to crown a Champion. 


Final Standings are as followed:

  1. #9 Dyersburg State 37-4 (30-2)
  2. #1 Walters State 54-4 (30-3)
  3. Volunteer State 21-25 (20-12)
  4. Chattanooga State 29-14 (15-13)
  5. Columbia State 25-21 (14-14)
  6. Motlow State 19-19 (13-14)
  7. Cleveland State 21-23 (12-17)
  8. Jackson State 8-25-1 (6-21-1)
  9. Southwest Tennessee 8-31-1 (5-26-1)
  10. Roane State 10-33-1 (2-25)


Opening Round (Last Weekend 4/29-5/2)

Motlow State swept Chattanooga State (13-7, 6-3)

Dyersburg State Swept Southwest Tennessee (9-0, 12-7)

Columbia State Swept Volunteer State (6-1, 13-3)

Walters State Won 2 of 3 against Cleveland State (13-7, 5-7, 3-2)


Walters State


Walters state has been the #1 team across most polls for the majority of the season. And for good reason. They have seemed to beat you on both sides of the game either on the mound or at the plate. And on paper Walters State looks to be the favorite to take home the Regional Title again.


This will be the first time Walters and Columbia have played this season.


Projected Game 1 Starter – Peyton Calitri (RHP) (Uncommitted) – 5-1, 36.1 IP, 2.97 ERA, 33 K

Projected Game 3 or 4 Starter – Kohl Drake (LHP) (Lipscomb Commit) – 8-1, 54 IPO, 2.83 ERA, 83 K


Columbia State 


Columiba surprised a lot of people last week going out to Volunteer State and sweeping the higher seed to make it to the Tennessee Final-4. This season they have played just over .500 Baseball. They have a solid staff and solid bats. 


As mentioned above this will be the first time they will play Walters State


Projected Game 1 Starter – Raleigh Odle (RHP) (Union Commit) – 7-4, 69.0 IP, 4.43 ERA, 69 K

Projected Game 3 or 4 Starter – KJ Baker (LHP) (Uncommitted) – 2-2, 2.1 IP, 10.88 ERA, 37 K


Dyersburg State 


Dyersburg has been one of the fun surprises this year at a national level. If you follow junior college baseball then you know year in and year out they have talent. They just have seemed to stumble at different parts of the season and fall just short. They have shot up the rankings this year ending up in the Top 10 this past week for the first time all season. Their strength has been on the mound holding Opponents to just a .190 Avg All season. 


This will be the first time Dyersburg and Motlow will play this season. 


Projected Game 2 Starter – Griffin Miller (RHP) (Oklahoma Commit) – 6-2, 49.0 IP, 4.78 ERA, 82 K 

Projected Game 3 or 4 Starter – Zane Morehouse (RHP) (Texas Commit) – 12-0, 68.2 IP, 1.57 ERA, 110 K


Motlow State


Motlow much like Columbia State went to the higher seeds home and beat them in order to find their way into the Final-4. They have shown though that they can play against the national best having given Walters State one of their 4 losses this season. 


As Mentioned above this will be the first time Motlow and Dyersburg will play this season. 


Projected Game 2 Starter – Reece Milam – 6-1, 45.1 IP, 6.55 ERA, 33 K

Projected Game 3 or 4 Starter – Matthew Meadows – 2-3, 42.0 IP, 6.43 ERA, 44 K


Tournament Prediction

Noah – Not to downplay the lower two seeds but to not have the final two teams be Walters State and Dyersburg State just seems wild. They are 2 of the Top 2 teams in the country this year. I feel like whoever wins Game 4 will be in the driver’s seat. And that game with the Projected matchup of Khol Drake vs Zane Morehouse two of the top 2 pitchers in the country being what that would promote this should be appointment television if it is to happen. To pick a winner i feel like Walters State will come and show the power they have but i feel like this will go to the final game. 

Chris – Walters State

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