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Howard vs #3 Grayson #3 McLennan vs Howard Navarro vs #7 Grayson
Odessa vs #10 San Jac Weatherford vs Alvin Alvin vs #7 Grayson
#3 McLennan vs Alvin Weatherford  vs Odessa Navarro vs Weatherford
#3 McLennan vs Odessa #3 McLennan vs #10 San Jac Weatherford vs #10 San Jac
Howard vs #10 San Jac Navarro vs Howard
Odessa vs #7 Grayson
Navarro vs Alvin


Every year (Minus last year) San Jac has hosted the Tournament of Champions. The first year when the JBB started the field was arguably the biggest and best that it had ever been with both Northwest Florida and Chipola coming from all the way to the lone star state to take on some of not only the states best but the countries best. 


This year’s field is up there with any other year. All but 1 team was ranked in the Pre-Season Top 50, but they fell just outside the top 50. This years field consists of #3 McLennan, #7 Grayson, #10 San Jac, #40 Weatherford, #41 Navarro, #49 Howard, and Alvin. 


Whoever comes out of this field with a winning record starts their team off on a huge note and will be making a strong case to move up in the National Rankings when they are next updated. 


Of the teams in the field only San Jac and Grayson have played games before this weekend.

San Jac

San Jac started with a 4 game series against Baton Rouge. As mentioned in the week 1 recap. They took 3 of the 4 games against them putting up 33 runs over those 4 games. As always though San Jac is welcoming all challengers. On the mound with a plethora of weapons to the amount of bats that are tough to get through. Their line up consists of Harold Coll (.412/.524/.647), Armani Sanchez (.467/.500/.600), and Mason Auer (Oregon Commit) (.500/.611/.700) who all had huge opening weekends and look to continue against the composition this weekend. 


When looking at their schedule they have the 4th toughest weekend. With games against Odessa, Howard, #3 McLennan, and Weatherford


Projected Pitchers

vs Odessa- Thomas Burbank

vs Howard- Hunter Hollan

vs #3 McLennan- Evan Hiatt (Kansas State Commit)

Vs Weatherford- Lex Garcia



Again as mentioned in the Week 1 recap Grayson started the season this past weekend with a 3 game set with Wharton. They took the first 2 games of the series 20-6 and 9-5, then lost 7-6 in the final game. 


Grayson this season is one the teams that we feel has one of the most complete offensive line ups there is. With big names such as Wade Elliot (.583/.668/.917), Stacey Bailey (.545/.67/.818), Blake Rambusch (Auburn Commit) (.455/.625/1.000) and Yanluis Ortiz (.429/.600/.429) who are all projected to have huge weeks for grayson and be a tough out for anyone the face. 


When looking at their schedule for the weekend they have tied with the 6th toughest weekend. That’s not a dis by any means but they should get through the weekend pretty unscratched if things go their way. With games against Howard, Odessa, Navarro, and Weatherford all should be good games with tough competition but we expect them to get through them.


Projected Pitchers

vs Howard-Shay Hartis (Texas Tech Commit)

vs Odessa-Will Duncan (Houston Commit)

vs Navarro

vs Weatherford


For the rest of the field will be the first go and first test against not only teams in the region but some of the top teams in the country. 



Coming into this weekend Weatherford is coming in looking to make a statement. With the plethora of guys they returned as well as some key guys that came in at the break they are vying for a legitimate shot to make noise at the national level. And this would be the place to do it. 


On the field for them they are expecting to see a lot from Brenden Dixon (UT Transfer), Hunter Rosson (3rd year guy), Brett Brown (A&M Transfer), Jayden Hill (Former Mizzou Commit), Kameron Weil (6.3 runner), and Austin Green (2-way guy, Switch Hitter up to 95 on the mound). That for anyone would make a lot of noise. 


With all that fire power it would be easy to see Weatherford have a fairly successful weekend. They have the 5th toughest scheduled facing off against Alvin, Odessa, Navarro, with their biggest test coming in the last game in #10 San Jac.


Projected Pitchers

vs Alvin – Adrian Siravo (RHP, up to 95 this spring)

vs Odessa-Blake Mayfield (RHP, 90-93)

vs Navarro- Collins (LHP, 88-92)

vs San Jac-Kade Bragg (LHP, 90-92)



Odessa is a team coming into this year that has a lot to prove. With some big transfers coming in they are primed to make a run at the Region 5 west title as much as anyone out there. 


The bats that they are expecting to have big weekends for them this week are Lenny Ashby (New Mexico Commit)(OF), Guilio Monello (New Mexico Commit)(C), and TJ Tomlinson (2B). Them as well as many others should have a good weekend. 


Odessa comes into this weekend boasting the TOUGHEST schedule out of anyone in the field. They face #10 San Jac, #3 McLennan, Weatherford, and finish with #7 Grayson. If they can get through this weekend with either a winning record or a split this will have a huge implication for what Coach Lay has over there for the Wranglers.


Projected Pitchers

vs San Jac- Collin Horton (UNO Commit)

vs McLennan- Chandler Davis (Incarnate Word Commit)

vs Weatherford- Marshall Wales

vs Grayson- Rowan Arrant 



Coming into the weekend we do not know too much about Alvin other than that they should not be overlooked. Year in and Year out they have talent and this year i would not expect anything different. 


They have the third toughest weekend this weekend with games against #3 McLennan, Weatherford, Navarro, and #7 Grayson. They have the most to gain from coming out of this weekend with a winning record out of anyone in the field.


Projected Pitchers

vs McLennan

vs Weatherford

vs Navarro

vs Grayson




For anyone that has followed along with how this thing has grown knows that Howard was the tie that started the whole JBB world. 


With that being said Howard is expected to be what they usually are and unfortunately for use we might have undervalued them when going through our pre-season rankings due to some Transfers that came in at the break. 


On the Offensive side they have bats that should make a lot of noise. From Justin Wishkoski (New Mexico Commit), Bernard Shivers, Josh Bostick, and Nic Thibodeau there are going to be a lot of weapons that people are going to have to get through when trying to get these guys out.


Looking at this weekend’s slate of games they have the 2nd toughest schedule. With games against #7 Grayson, #10 San Jac, #3 McLennan, and Navarro who is ranked just ahead of them in the top 50. This being said if the Hawks can get through this they will show that they deserve to be ranked higher in the polls then they currently are.


Projected Pitchers

vs Grayson- Ethan Coombes (RHP)

vs San Jac- Kristopher Anglin (Texas Tech Commit) (LHP)

vs McLennan- Austin Teel (LHP) 

vs Navarro- Kyler Heyne (RHP)



Coming off of a very promising 2019 Season where they surprise many with a run in Grand Junction they returned a lot of weapons going into the 2020 season. Well a lot of those weapons decided to come back for the 2021 season. The Bulldogs have a good mix of Returners/3rd year guys/Freshman/and Transfers that are going to make a very strong lineup. From Cash Rugely, Alex Vergara, and Logan Letney.


Looking at their schedule for the weekend they have the 6th toughest schedule. With games against Howard, Alvin, #7 Grayson, and Weatherford. 


Projected Pitchers

vs Howard-Jake Combs (Southern Illinois Commit)

vs Alvin-Logan Letney

vs Grayson-Cooper Randall (Oklahoma Commit)

vs Weatherford-Riley Bauman



What is the term? We saved the best for last? Well this was not planned but this is the team that both Chris and myself are excited to see finally get in action. When talking to Head Coach Mitch Thompson he said “This will be a great weekend to get a lot of guys’ feet wet against some outstanding competition. We will learn a lot about ourselves this weekend.” Which we both agree can be said about anyone of these teams out there this weekend.


On  the offensive side where do you even begin? They expect Miguel Santos (Dallas Baptist Commit), Mason Greer, Garrett Martin (Oklahoma State) and Dominc Tamez to have huge weekends for them and for that to carry on into the rest of the year. 


McLennan wraps up the trio of teams that have the 6th ranked schedule for this weekend. With games again Alvin, Odessa, Howard, and #10 San Jac. Again that is not saying that this is going to be an easy weekend. Any team that is playing this weekend is going to come out battle tested. 


Projected Pitchers

vs Alvin- Riggs Threadgill (Auburn Commit)

vs Odessa- Brady Rose (Dallas Baptist Commit)

vs Howard

vs San Jac

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