East District (15, 21)

Again just like the Div. 2 East we just did not have enough information to put together a full preview. 


Just like most Division 3 Districts there have not been many national Championship games outside of Texas or Region 19. And east falls in that group that has not had a National title game in over now 20 years…. 


The leader of this one has rotated each year. With Rhode Island taking the crown in 2018, Northern Essex with the crown in 2018, 2015, 2014, and 2013, Suffolk County in 2016, and 2011 with Nassau claiming the only other trip from this district over the past decade in 2012.




Noah’s Final 5  Chris’s Final 5
1 Northern Essex Northern Essex
2 Rhode Island Rhode Island
3 Nassau Suffolk County
4 Suffolk County Nassau
5 Bronx Borough of Manhattan


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