The Northern District at the division 3 level is a lot like the North Atlantic District (Region 19) in a few ways. A.) It is in New York/Surrounding Areas, B.) They beat up on each other till there is a winner. And C.) they are one of the only other districts/regions to have a representative in the National Championship Game (North Plains (2013), East (2016). 


This Regions representatives over the past decade have been Herkimer (2019, 2018, 2015, and 2014); Niagara County (2017 (National Runner-Up), 2016, 2013, 2012 (National Runner-Up); with the only other representative coming from Erie in 2011. 


The talent from those who do not know too much about this region is up there with some of the best, as stated above with the comparisons to Region 19. This years crop is lead by:


Pre-Season All-District Team


This is going to become more of a trend, more than likely. Due to how the world is, and the lack of practice we here at the JBB do not feel like we have enough information to put together a pre-season team that we feel is up to the standard that we like to hold our content. 


We do though with this district have enough to give some of the top draft guys in this region:

Herkimer’s- Greg Farone-LHP

Herkimer’s- Dakota Britt- OF

Niagara’s- Cal Brazier

Niagara’s- Liam Reynolds-P

Niagara’s- Clif Genge

Niagara’s- Will Hudson

SUNY Adirondack-Terel Tillman-P




Noah’s Final 5 Chris’s Final 5 
1 Niagara Herkimer
2 Herkimer Niagara
3 Mohawk Valley Hudson Valley
4 Hudson Valley Mohawk Valley
5 SUNY Adirondack SUNY Adirondack


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