This district does not always get the credit that it deserves. There is talent throughout but when the winner makes it to Grand Junction they have seemed to fall short. Despite multiple teams making it multiple times. There has not been a National Title or National Runner Up in the past 20 years.

 Monroe has gone in 2019 and 2018; Florence Darlington Tech took a trip in 2017; Harford went in 2016; USC Sumter went in 2015; Spartanburg Methodist went three straight years in 2014, 2013, and 2012; Rounding out the decade Potomac State made there one trip over the past decade.

Now despite the National Championship drought from the region as with every other region/district the tallent is at an all time high. It is lead by:

Harford’s- Reyce Curnane, Ajay Sczepkowski, Caleb Musco, and Mason Hicks

Florence Darlington Tech’s- JT Marr, Charlie Corum, Tyliss Roper, and Hunter Parks

Monroe’s- Christopher Martinez, Jose Martinez, and Jason Diaz

Louisburg’s- Trendon Craig

Potomac State’s- Zach Whitacre, Ashton Staubs, and Dale Houser

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