This is the first, but not last, power that is known as Northeast Junior College Baseball. This district has as much history as any other district at any other level. For those that read this that do not know much about this area the closest equivalent to it is Region 8 (Florida), Region 5 (West Texas), or Region 14 (East Texas) at the NJCAA Division 1 level. Tons of talented teams that are always ranked in the top 10 shoot even top 5 in the country but always via for one spot. The one difference is that the Division 3 tournament has an At-Large bid which i think is the best thing that should be added to all levels but that is for another time. 

To show the history you do not have to go back very far. The last National title was between Rowan Gloucester (The Regional Champ) and Cumberlands (the At-Large) and was taken home by Cumberlands. Rowan Gloucester has had trips in 2018, 2016, 2015, 2013 (National Champs), 2012, 2011 (Runner up), and 2010 (National Champs). Northampton had trips in 2018, and 2017; and Cumberlands took another in 2014 (Runner Ups).

Just because they have the title of “Division Three Junior College '' does not 

mean that anyone should over look the talent that is spread throughout this entire region. With: 

Bergen’s- Joe Miceli, Brayan Villar, Chris Amparo, and Elian Guzman

Northampton’s- Jordan King

Cumberland’s- Christian Lutz, Charelle Gonzalez, and Ja’ques Colon

Brookdale’s- Jeff Massicotti, Matt Pickus, and Riley Maypother

Ocean County’s- Dylan Beyer, Joe Palmisano, and Sam Collins

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