The North Plains has been dominated the past decade by teams from Iowa. of the 16 Teams that make up this district, 7 of them are from Iowa (Kirkwood, North Iowa Area, Southeastern, Des Moines Area, Iowa Central, Iowa Lakes, and Ellsworth), While the rest of the District is made up of teams from Nebraska, Montana, North Dakota, Michigan, and Minnesota. 

Despite having big teams make it to Enid every year this District has had the unfortunate “Dry Streak”. The Last National Championship game came back in 2003 when Iowa Central finished second to Grand Rapids. Northeast (NE) was the winner in 2019 making the schools first trip to the World Series ever in just the 2nd year; Kirkwood’s last trip was in 2018; Southeast (NE) went in 2017, North Iowa Area went in 2016, 2015, and 2013; Southeastern (IA) went in 2014, and Des Moines Area takes the last two spots over the past decade with trips in back to back years in 2011 and 2012.

The talent is at an all time high in the North Plains (and everywhere else) this year. It is lead by:

Kirkwood’s- Luke Llewellyn, Josh Fitzgerald, and Joel Vaske

North Iowa Area’s- Cole Hupke, Robert Hogan, and Thomas Gross

Northeast’s (NE)- Alex Potter, Houston Fogelstrom,. And Jeremy Schneider

Bay College’s- Tanner Halvorson

Des Moines Area’s-Carter Boernemeir, Ray Ray Douglas, and Ben Nippolt 

Iowa Central’s- Devon Schewe, Devin Hurdle, and Mat Dreher

Bismark State’s- Brayden Koenig

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