It is that time of Year Again! The 3rd Installment of the JBB Logo Challenge! Baum Bats has been awesome and has decided to sponsor this event for the second year in a row! Giving away a Custom Bat with team colors ect. to the winning school!I

If you’re new to the JBB as a whole welcome! It is the start of our 4th year doing this sort of content for the Junior College Baseball World! f you are coming back well welcome back and lets have a fun ride again!

The First winner of this was in the Fall of 2018 when Eastern Oklahoma State took the Championship from Iowa Western. That year though was only 64 teams that made it into the field. In the fall of 2019, Butler (KS) came home with the crown topping Iowa Lakes in the finals! In 2019 though there was over 500 teams that made up the field! Now we know there might be some that we somehow missed but if you notice that we missed one then let us know and we can add a few in to the “Bye” teams that have randomly been put in the brackets.

The Brackets are broke down into 8 Different 64 team brackets. There are Brackets 1,2,3,4 and each will have a A, B, C, D. When it gets down to the Final 4. Bracket 1 Will go against Bracket 2, and Bracket 3 will go against bracket 4.

Each Round will take place over 2-3 days with a gap between each to count them up ect. (This is subject to change when it gets down to the Final 8).

As Most everyone saw the Top 16 were released on Twitter Sunday the 8th of August.



And here is the Full Brackets!

Bracket 1.A

Bracket 1.B

Bracket 2.A

Bracket 2.B

Bracket 3.A

Bracket 3.B

Bracket 4.A

Bracket 4.B

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