Theoretical Field of 64- National Championship

And then there was 2!


After about a month of votes, we are finally down to 2 teams. Over 12,000 Votes all to decide the 2020 Theoretical National Champs!


This Round will not have the Google Doc to vote in so rally behind your team, Spread the Word and get the votes in!


The Final Two teams are the #6 seed NOC-Tonkawa and #13 McLennan.


Tonkawa has gone through #59 Pima, #26 Saddleback, #22 Sinclair, #14 Mesa, and #10 Northwest Mississippi, and winning by large margins each time.

McLennan #52 Mt. San Antonio, #45 Parkland, #29 Crowder, #21 Grayson, and #9 Yavapai.



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