The JBB Week 7 Rankings Presented by The Great Lake Bat Co.

Another week with more unfolding. More teams are starting, tons of games happening all over the place, and even more movement!


NJCAA Division 1


The top 5 stayed the same this week:


  • John A. Logan was 3-1 on the week dropping their first game of the season to Lincoln Land
  • Wabash Valley went 4-0 this past week putting up 57 runs across those 4 games
  • Yavapai lost an early week game to Arizona Western but finished the week 3-1 pushing them to 22-3 on the season. They are still someone not alone at the top of the ACCAC. They are currently tied with South Mountain at 12-2 in conference. 
  • McLennan dropped one game this past week to North Central Texas in their Saturday double header but finished the week 4-1. 
  • Iowa Western rounds out the top 5 after a 4-0 week. 


This is where things at the Division 1 level start to change. 

  • Crowder continues their winning ways and brings their record to 20-1, with the only loss coming to currently ranked #5 Iowa Western back on February 22nd. They had a 7-0 week which jumps them up 3 spots to #6. 
  • Johnson County jumps up 3 spots to #7. They were 4-0. They swept Labetta in a 4 game series in which they outscored them 67-7. With a 32-0 game in the final game of the series. 
  • Grayson stays at #8 after a 3-1 week. They started with a win against San Jac on monday and then took 2 of the 3 against Murray state over the weekend. 
  • Northwest Florida moves into the to 10 for the first time this season coming in at #9 this week. They were 4-1 this past week with the only loss coming from splitting a double header with Div 2 power Pearl Rivers.
  • San Jac rounds out the top 10. They were 3-1 on the week dropping an early week game to Grayson. 


Another Notable Moves:

  • Eastern Oklahoma State Jumps 11 Spots to #11
  • Walter State Jumps 7 to #12
  • Odessa Jumps 7 to #14
  • Snead State goes from Unranked to #24


NJCAA Division 2


Like the Division 1 level the division 2 level top 3 remained the same but there was some shuffling.

  • LSU-Eunice remains at #1 pushing their season record to 20-0. 
  • Pearl River jumps up 1 spot to #2 after going 4-1 on the week with the only loss coming form Division 1 power Northwest Florida
  • NOC-Tonkawa drop 1 spot to #3. They were 6-2 on the week splitting with new region 2 opponent North Central Missouri.


This is where a lot of movement starts to happen at this level.

  • Sinclair jumps up 2 spots to #4 after a 5-0 week.
  • Mesa drops 1 spot to #5 after splitting with both Chandler-Gilbert and Paradise Valley
  • Northwest Mississippi move up 2 to #6 going 4-0 pushing them to 14-1 on the season
  • Northeast Mississippi move up 2 to #7 going 6-0 pushing them to 16-2 on the season
  • Hinds rounds out a third straight Mississippi team at #8 going 1-1 on the week splitting with baton Rouge which brings them to 11-1 on the season
  • Kankakee drop 4 to #9 after going 1-1 on the week dropping a game to Parkland.
  • Southeastern dropped 3 to #10 after going 2-2 on the week splitting with Itawamba and Mississippi Delta. 


Other Notable Moves:

  • Parkland jump 3 to #12
  • Patrick Henry go from Unranked to #21
  • Chesapeake go from Unranked to #22
  • Scottsdale go from Unranked to #23
  • Brunswick go from Unranked to #24
  • Paradise Valley go from Unranked to #25


NJCAA Division 3


With a lot of teams just starting at this level things are about to start shaping up. 

  • Rowan Gloucester dropped one game to Mercer County but still remain on top with a 3-1 record. 
  • Both Herkimer and Niagara still have not played and remain at #2 and #3
  • Cumberland jump up 2 to #4 after a 3-0 week and a win over former #4 Northampton 
  • St. Cloud Tech moved up 3 even though they had a 5-2 week. Those 2 losses came off of Division 2 team Frederick
  • Brookdale jumped up 8 spots to #6 after sweeping Bergen
  • Northampton drop down 3 to #7 after starting the season going 0-3. 
  • Tyler dropped 1 to #8 after a 2-1 week dropping 1 to Joliet.
  • Bergen dropped to #9 after getting swept by Brookdale
  • Rockingham drops to 1 to #10 after a 5-1 week. 


Other Notable Moves:

  • Richland jumps 7 to #14
  • Eastfield go from Unranked to #20
  • Erie go from Unranked to #24
  • Bucks County go from Unranked to #25




And just like that there is a new #1 in California. This past week might have been the most moved packed week so far this season. 


  • Cypress jumps up 2 spots to take the #1 spot in the state. They were 3-0 on the week and moved to 16-2 on the season. 
  • Fresno jumps 4 spots to come in at #2. They had another 3-0 week that pushes them to 16-3 on the season. 
  • Santa Ana drop 2 spots to #3 after dropping a game to Irvine Valley.
  • Ohlone remain at #4 this week and did not play any games. 
  • Santa Rosa jums up 3 spots after taking a 2-1 series win from Sac city. This pushed them to 17-2 on the season. 
  • Sac City drops to #6 their lowest ranking this season. They dropped their first series of the year to Santa Rosa. 
  • Saddleback jumped into the to 10 for the first time this season coming in at #7. They had a 2-1 week in which they beat formally #5 Riverside in 2 games while dropping the third to them.
  • Riverside drops 3 spots after going 1-2 in the just mentions series against Saddleback. It put their season record to 15-5.
  • Long beach dropped 2 spots to #9 after a 2-1 week which made them the hardest team to place this week. Despite winning the series against a ranked team they still dropped 2 spots due to other teams winning bigger series. 
  • El Camino round out the top 10 this week after a 3-0 week which brings their season record to 14-6.


Other Notable Moves:

  • Cuesta dropped 6 to #15
  • Modesto goes from Unranked to #22
  • Chaffey make it back into the Top 25 coming in at #25


This is going to be a new part of the rankings brought to you by one of our new Partners. 


The FloSports Next 5 Out


This is a quick look at the Next 5 team just outside the top 25 in each of the 4 rankings. 


NJCAA Div. 1:


Kansas City Kansas- They make a huge jump after winning their series against #6 Cowley.


South Mountain- They continue to make waves out in Arizona. After a rough start have rattled off 12 straight wins and currently sit tied for 1st with Yavapia in the always crazy ACCAC.


Georgia Highlands- They stay right where they were last week after not playing any games this past week. 


Dyersburg State- Dyersburg has sat just outside the next 5 for a few weeks now. They were 3-1 on the week sweeping Southwest Tennessee in 3 games and dropping 1 to Rend Lake.


Arizona Western- Talk about a week. In Arizona if you have followed us you know can be crazy. AW started the week with a split of Yavapai and finished with a sweep of Glendale.


NJCAA Div. 2


Lackawanna- After a tough start to the season the Falcons seem to be getting back into the groove of things. After a 2-1 week they are looking to build off that. 


Northeast- This is another team that has had a tough start to the season. They split this past week with McCook. 


Iowa Central- They have slowly been on the rise and are looking to break into the top 25 any week now. After a 2-1 week which brings theri overall record to 6-2.


Pitt- Thanks to some big early season wins against East Georgia State, and Catawba Valley (Twice) despite the 10-9 record they remain just outside looking in. 


Vincennes- this is a team many people have probably never really thought about this season. They currently sit at 10-5 and have slowly moved up the ranks each week. 


NJCAA Div. 3

SUNY Adirondack- Adirondack has some sneaky good wins. Splitting with Bergen to start the season and then sweeping this past week against Minnesota West.


Cedar Valley- These guys play in one of the toughest conferences there are at the Div. 3 level. With multiple teams in their own conference national ranked every year its hard to see through the top few. They swept Dallas Christain this past week then lost their series with Richland 1-2,


Prince George’s- After a 1-1 week they moved back into the next 5 for the second time this season. They split with Bucks County who is just ahead of them this week at #25.


Massasolt- Massasolt started their season this past week and went 2-1, winning their seris against Mohawk Valley 2-1. 


Waubonsee- They have played 2 games so far this season and are 2-0 thats about it for them so far.



Monterey Peninsula-Monterey has slowly been climbing this season so far. After a 3-0 week where they swept Hartnell pushed them into the Next 5 for the first time this season. 


Irvine Valley- Even though they had a losing record this past week they did take 1 game from former #1 Santa Ana and pushed them to 11-8 on the season and into the Next 5 for the first time. 


San Diego City-San Diego City dropped from the top 25 this week after losing a game to San Diego Mesa. They are 13-6 on the season after the 2-1 week. 


Marin-Marin remains in the Next 5 for the 4th time this season and 3rd in a row. They were 1-2 on the week winning a game against former #21 Los Medanos


Cerritos- Cerritos drops out of the top 25 after a 5 straight weeks sitting in the 20’s being as high as #20 in week 5.

It is still not too late to make Pitcher and Player of the week submissions >>>


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