Juco is for guys with no grades. False! Juco is for guys who can’t play at D1. False! Why would you go Juco, you won’t get recruited and won’t be able to get drafted. False. At the end of the day, there are many falsehoods being perpetuated about Juco route baseball and we here at JBB are dedicated to telling the TRUE story of what options there are for a high school player. Elite Juco programs operate similarly to power 5 D1 programs. They recruit, they have good budgets, they travel and they are HIGHLY recruited. They are very similar, with a few huge distinctions. One such difference is that is no limit to the time a coach can spend with a player by rule, nor is there a limitation to the coaching staff size that would limit a player's accessibility to the coaches on staff. Simply put there is always room, time and people to help in a player's developmental process. This fact is in many ways what prompted the Juco Elite Spotlight feature in the first place. The burning question we had here at The JBB was why should a good player pick a Juco over a D1? For that matter why make that choice in reverse either? What goes into the decision and most importantly what MAKES the decision? The top high school baseball players in the country ALWAYS have a choice between D1, the MLB draft, AND Juco Elite programs. ALL three can lead to prosperity and THAT is the truth that D1 baseball doesn’t want players to know. With that said we had the pleasure of talking with the truly historically elite program and coaches at San Jac and picked their brains on this subject and many others.

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