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We here at JBB are extremely fortunate as our jobs take us all across the country and we get to meet some truly amazing people!  For our latest All American Spotlight we sat down with the incomparable James Nix.
James we appreciate you taking time from your schedule of ruining pitchers lives to chat with us and our audience.  So first off I gotta ask you why did someone of your talents choose to go JC route?
Nix: I chose  to go Juco because I was at a D2 prior and it made the most sense for me at the time. It also provided me a great opportunity to develop and become a better player while also giving me the opportunity to make it to as high a level of baseball as I wanted to so long as I played well.
Well that has obviously worked out VERY well for you.  In your opinion how has that choice helped you (as a player and a person)?
Nix: It’s the best decision I ever made because it allowed me to learn a ton of lessons such as how important failure is to become a good baseball player and person. It should be a tool not a fear. Also I learned that nobody knows everything about baseball no matter what they claim. You should always be open to learning and be able to differentiate between things that are helpful and things that are “eye wash”
Very well said!  Your skills have blossomed greatly. What about Juco has prepared you for the next levels of baseball?
Nix: Juco allowed me to face all levels of competition from elite arms to arms that may be competitive but maybe a little slower. It also allowed me to better understand different cultures a little bit more.  It was a polarizing and enlightening to experience what baseball truly means to some people in other cultures.
Absolutely!  Baseball is a global game for sure.  Along those lines who is  the best guy you faced in Juco and why him?
Nix:  Ryan Gusto from FSW was probably the best arm I faced this season.  He was 91-94 against us with great carry on his fastball and filled up the zone his entire outing.
There is an amazing subculture to Juco baseball.  To express this best to JBB Nation What’s your best “that’s so Juco” moment or story?
Nix: Haha that’s a loaded ass question!  I’ll have to think of the best juco story because there are so many but I’ll get back to you as soon as I think of one…that I can share (he laughs with a wry smile)
Well James couldn’t come up with one he could share, but suffice to say Juco ball is challenging, amazing and NOT for the faint at heart!
James Nix is an amazing talent and we are grateful to him for taking the time to connect with the JBB Nation.  James we thank you a great deal and look forward to following your progress.  Keep Ballin and best of luck as you start your Pro Career with the Astros!
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