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We continue our spotlight on some of America’s best Juco players today with Nathan Collins.  Nathan led the country in hits this season and has proven to be a formidable force at the dish!  Here is another look into the baseball world from one of the nations best:

JBB:  1. Why did you choose to go the JC route?

NC:  I chose Juco because I knew that I would get playing time and experience in my first two years instead of sitting the bench at a four-year school.

JBB:  That seems to be a sound and mature thought process.  So with that said,  How has that choice helped you (as a player and a person)?

NC: I developed a lot and learned that college ball is HARD no matter what level you play at!  It helped me to develop a good work ethic and a thankful attitude.

JBB:  Given that thought, In your opinion, How has Juco prepared you for the next levels of baseball?

NC:  I got to play every day and play multiple positions.  I got chewed out daily by my coaches and got very mentally tough!

JBB:  Iron sharpens iron so they say, so Who is the best guy you faced in Juco and why him?

NC: I faced a lot of great competition this year but the best player I went against this year was a short outfielder from Frank Phillips.  He was by far the most consistent hitter I’d ever faced.  He had a really consistent approach and always hit the ball HARD somewhere.

JBB:  We have asked everyone this question because it’s part of the culture of Juco,  so What’s your best “that’s so Juco” moment or story?

NC: The most Juco moment for me this year was playing a 7 inning game at Hill, then playing 14 more innings for the second game before having to stop because we had no lights.  We then made the road trip home then BACK to their place the next morning to play 1 inning then finally back home. (Juco teams almost NEVER stay overnight due to TINY budgets)

We thank Nathen greatly and encourage the rest of America to chart his progress along with us as the “hit collector” continues his journey through the baseball ranks at McNeese State next year.

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