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As a final, behind the scenes, look at the 2019 season we were blessed to track down five of the best Juco players in the country.  Each guy was nationally dominant in one way or another and we wanted to give you the best takes on Juco route baseball straight from the horse’s mouths.  It’s been a great season, one in which some 280 players with Juco ties were taken in the 2019 draft!  That’s 23% of the players taken, giving great credibility to the statement that the Juco route is a useful and viable option for making it to professional baseball.  With that said, take it from the players themselves:

Our first interviewee, Noah Myers of Wabash Valley.  The new national record holder for steals in a season.
JBB: Why did you choose to go the Juco route?

NM: I chose the Juco route because I knew out of high school I needed to develop as a player and could do that by getting so many reps and spending a lot of time on the field.

JBB:  That seems like a very mature approach to your career at such a young age.  How has that choice helped you (as a player and a person)?

NM:  It has made me a better player and person. On the field, the biggest thing I have gained is mental toughness. Long days at the field, bad games, being able to flush that and stay in green lights to give yourself the best chance every day.

JBB:   Interesting!  How do you think Juco has prepared you for the next levels of baseball?

NM:  I believe it has prepared me as I know I can’t take anything for granted. You have to work for every opportunity and you never know when your last day could be so you have to play the game hard every day.

JBB:  Ain’t that the truth!  Speaking of preparing you for the next level, who is the best guy you faced in Juco and why him?

NM: The best guy I faced in Juco would have been in inter-squads against Antoine Kelly (Wabash Valley LHP up to 98mph).  Left on left with his arm slot was always tough for me and his numbers show it was hard for others as well!

JBB:  Ya Antoine is pretty filthy (so much so that he was taken early in the draft after only his freshman year)!  So lastly we gotta ask, What’s your best “that’s so Juco” moment or story?

NM:  My biggest juco moment I would say would have been when we had to take wood out of windscreen with kitchen knives and replace them with fence slats done one by one in near-freezing weather.. always making memories!

Gotta love the Juco memories!  A HUGE thank you to Noah for his time and best of luck to him in the rest of his baseball future, which is a very bright one (University of South Carolina signee).

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