Player of the Year:

Ruben Alcala-Brookhaven

Ruben Alcala Card

Pitcher of the Year:

Michael Miles-Cumberland County

Michael Miles Card

Two-Way Player of the Year:

Joe Barberio-Niagara County

Joe Barberio Card

1st Team:

Mike Flemming Erie So C
Tommy Dunleavy Northampton So DH
Jose Castillo Cedar Valley Fr INF
Brian Forbes Herkimer So INF
Dan Sullivan Oakton So INF
Dylan Scaranda Cumberland County So INF
Matt Pietsch Minnesota State So OF
Kyle Hawes Northern Essex So OF
Billy Rogers Cedar Valley So OF
Yadiel Rolon St. Cloud Tech Fr P
Nick Evangelista Rowan Gloucester So P
Joseph Valentino Suffolk County So P
Trent Shoulders Coastal Bend So CL



2nd Team:

Brandon Ernst Northampton Fr C
Tanner Cooper Finger Lakes So DH
Vincent Chiarenza Niagara County So INF
Leo Romero Northern Essex So INF
Dillion Eatman North Lake So INF
Ryan McIsaac Cumberland County So INF
Brandon Kruzinski Herkimer So OF
Alex Whipple Erie So OF
Luis Massa St. Cloud Tech So OF
Tyler Stacy North Lake So P
Noah Weber Northampton So P
Drew Schultz Delta So P
Skylar Mursu Minnesota State So CL


3rd Team:

Michael Iacobellis Nassau So C
Alex Gattinelli Rowan Gloucester So DH
John Marion Surry Fr INF
Will Lawrence Niagara County So INF
CJ Gantz Northampton So INF
Will Funk St. Cloud Tech Fr INF
TJ Scuderi Brookdale Fr OF
CJ Peechatka Northampton So OF
Cody Windisch Richland So OF
Eric Heatter Brookdale So P
Zac Cummins Rock Valley Fr P
Dale Stanavich Herkimer Fr CL

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