After the success of this last year, I thought it would be fun to do another one of these just to see where people would land if the playoffs were structured like the Divisions 1 level. But because there are only around 90 teams at the division 3 level and having 64 would be almost ⅔ of them i decided to make this a field of 32. With 8 regions still sending 8 teams to the World Series.

So this does not take into account conference championships etc. It is just what it would look like if the top 32 teams squared off.


The Top 4 National Seeds


#1 Cumberland County

#2 Tyler

#3 Northampton

#4 Rowan Gloucester


The Regional Seeds

#5 Niagara County

#6 Herkimer

#7 Brookdale

#8 Rockingham


So Let the discussion begin. Who do you think would have the toughest path to win a National Championship? Who has the easiest path? Who do you think could be the Cinderella and make a run?


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