Teams of The Week

Here is a look at the teams that made the biggest moves or had huge weeks as a team for each division

Div 1: Butler (5-0)

Butler had an interesting week. They started it with a win in impressive fashion over the then Division 2 #2 NOC-Enid by putting up 13 runs while only giving up 3 to one of the countries top offenses at any level. In their weekend series, they swept Heston 4-0 which brought them to 26-14 on the season and gives them their 3rd longest win streak of the season at 5. Leading the way for them this weekend was the trio of Patrick Bethea, Parker Base, and Javier Pena. Bethea hit .450 this past week with 3 doubles, a homer, 3 RBIs, and 7 Runs. Base hit .400 on the week with a double, homer, 9 RBIs, and 7 Runs. Pena closes out the trio hitting .533, with a double, triple, homer, 4 RBIs, and 8 Runs.

Div 2: Ivy Tech CC Northeast (6-1)

For those who do not know who Ivy Tech is here is a quick introduction. They are 22-11, Ranked 5th in the country in runs scored with 330, ranked 10th in doubles with 73, 12th in RBIs with 256, and Lead the Country in Stolen Bases with 154 with a 86 % successes rate.

This past week Ivy Tech had a 6-1 Week. They started their week with a doubleheader with then #5 Sinclair where they split with 13-6 and 7-8. The rest of their week they put up 60 runs while allowing just 17. Leading them this past week was Turner Gentry (Faulkner) and Justin Green. Gentry hit .400 with 2 doubles, a triple, 9 RBIs, 9 runs and 3 Stolen bases. Green hit .366 with 3 doubles, a triple, 5 RBIs, 8 Runs, and 5 Stolen bases.

Div 3: Northampton (4-0)

Northampton was the biggest move in this week’s Division 3 Top 25 jumping up to #3. And for good reason. They played 4 games this past week winning them all. The first two were against Bucks County (15-5) and Manor (23-3). They finished up the week with a doubleheader Sunday against the then #3 Rowan Gloucester where they took both games 5-0 and 13-10. All in all, they put up 56 runs while giving up 18. Leading the way for them in this impressive week was the trio of Brandon Ernst, Tommy Dunleavy, and CJ Peechatka (Campbell). Ernst hit .211 with 3 homers, 6 RBIs, and 5 runs. Dunlevy .667 with 4 doubles, 3 homers, 8 RBIs, and 10 runs. Peechatka finishes the trio hitting .313 with a double, 3 Homers, 10 RBI, 8 runs, and a stolen base. On the mound for them, Noah Weber (Saint Josephs) threw a complete game shut out in the first game of their doubleheader against Rowan Gloucester striking out 4 only allowing 5 hits in his 9 innings.


Players of the Week

This is a quick look at some of the top 4-5 weeks as both Hitters and Pitchers across the country.


Illinois Central- Vinni Massaglia- 13-21, 5 Doubles, 3 Homers, 7 RBI, 12 R, 5 SB

Central Florida- James Nix- 9-12, Double, 3 Homers, 7 RBI, 12 R, 5 SB

Bismark State- Ryan Moormeier- 8-16, 3 Doubles, 2 Homers, 9 RBI, 9 R, 4 SB

Wabash Valley- Cale Baker- 8-14, Double, 3 Homers, 11 RBI, 7 R, SB

Northampton- Tommy Dunleavy- 10-15, 4 Doubles, 3 Homers, 8 RBI, 9 R

Lackawanna- Zac Granger (Akron)- 7-13, Double, 4 Homers, 7 RBI, 7 R


Cuyahoga- Brock Begue- 1-0, 5.0 IP, 14 K, 1 H, 0 BB, CGSO

Frank Phillips- Dylan Bells- 1-0, 8 IP, 18 K, 1 BB, 1.13 ERA

NOC-Tonkawa- Seth Martin- 1-0 9.0 IP, 5K, 2 H, 1 BB, Complete Game Shut Out vs NOC-Enid

Wabash Valley- Cameron Tuller-1-0, 9K, 3 BB, No-Hitter

Pima- Austin Bryan- 2-0, 10 IP, 15K, 5 H, 0 BB, .90 ERA, Complete Game, 2 Appearances




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