To kick off the season Baum Bat has put together with the help of Grand Canyon University (GCU), Central Arizona, and Gateway a Pre-Season Tournament that is unlike most other pre-season tournaments. It is actually a Tournament! Over these three days, six of the top teams in the country will play nine games with one ultimate winner. Each team is guaranteed four games against some of the top competition in the country. The teams competing are #8 Central Arizona (CAC), #12 South Mountain (South), #11 Southern Nevada (CSN), Yavapai, Trinidad State (TSC), and Gateway (Gate).

The way the weekend will work is that there will be pool play Friday (Feb. 1), and Saturday (Feb 2). After each team plays their three games the two teams with the best records will play for the Baum Bat Tournament Championship. While the other four teams will play a 3rd/4th game and a 5th/6th game.

The rules are fairly straight forward. All games will be played with wood bats. The run rule will be a 10-run difference after 7 innings of play. There will also be courtesy runners for both pitchers and catchers. The tiebreakers will go in the order as followed: W-L record, Head to Head matchup, Fewest Runs Allowed, Total Runs Scored, Coin Flip.

The games will be played at four different locations this weekend: Grand Canyon (GCU), South Mountain (South), Gene Autry (GA) and Arcadia High School (AHS)

Team previews will be tweeted out from Noah Sharp’s Twitter (@The_Noah_Sharp) leading up to the start of the Tournament.

Round Robin Schedule:

#8 Central AZ Vs #11 CSN (2/1,@ 6pm, @GCU) Vs TSC (2/2, @ 2pm, @GCU) Vs Yavapai (2/2,  @ 6PM, @GCU)
#12 South Mountain Vs #11 CSN (2/1, @ 2pm, @South) Vs TSC (2/2, @10am, @ South) Vs Yavapai (2/2, @ 2pm, @South)
#11 Southern Nevada Vs #12 South (2/1, @ 2pm, @South) Vs #8 CAC (2/1, @ 6pm, @GCU) Vs Gate (2/2, @ 2pm, @ AHS)
Yavapai Vs Gate (2/1, @ 2pm, @GA) Vs #12 South (2/2, @ 2pm, @ South) Vs #8 CAC (2/2, @ 6pm, @GCU)
Trinidad State Vs Gate (2/1, @ 10am, @ GA) Vs #12 South (2/2. @ 10am, @ South) Vs #8 CAC (2/2, @ 2pm. @GCU)
Gateway Vs TSC (2/1, @ 10am, @ GA) Vs Yavapai (2/1, @ 2pm, @ GA) Vs #11 CSN (2/2 @ 2pm, @ AHS)


Placement Games:

All will be played at Grand Canyon University. With the consolation games (3 vs 4, 5 vs 6)being played at 9 am and 4 pm. With the Championship Game being played at 12:30.

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