To start off every season Southern Nevada holds there annual border battle which is always one of the premier pre/early season tournaments every year. Over these three days, 16 games will be played between some of the top teams in the country. The eight-team field has three teams in the Division 1 top 10 (#6 San Jac), #7 Central Arizona (CAZ), #10 Southern Nevada (CSN), four teams in the Division 1 top 20 (#11 Western Arizona(AWC), five in the Division 1 top 30 (#29 New Mexico (NMJC), and one in the Division 2 top 40 (#32 Gateway). The rest of the field consists of two other Division 2 schools in Cochise) and Utah State University-Eastern(USUE). To say that the field might be stacked might be an understatement.


#6 San Jac Vs #11 AWC (1/25) Vs #10 CSN (1/25) Vs #7 CAZ (1/26) Vs Gateway (1/27)
#7 Central Arizona Vs NMJC (1/25) Vs Gateway (1/26) Vs #6 San Jac (1/26) Vs USUE (1/27)
#10 Southern Nevada Vs #6 San Jac(1/25) Vs Gateway (1/26) Vs NMJC (1/26) Vs #11 AWC (1/27)
#11 Arizona Western Vs #6 San Jac (1/25) Vs USUE (1/26) Vs Cochise (1/26) Vs #10 CSN (1/27)
Cochise Vs NMJC (1/25) Vs #11 AWC (1/26) Vs #6 San Jac (1/27)
New Mexico Vs Cochise (1/25) Vs #10 CSN (1/26) Vs Gateway (1/27)
Utah State University- Eastern Vs Gateway (1/25) Vs Cochise (1/25) Vs #11 AWC (1/26) Vs #7 CAZ (1/27)
Gateway Vs USUE (1/25) Vs #7 CAZ (1/26) Vs #10 CSN (1/26) Vs NMJC (1/27)


Toughest Weekend- #6 San Jac

They play three top fifteen teams in #7 Central Arizona, #10 Southern Nevada, and #11 Arizona western then finish up the weekend with a game against Gateway.


Most to Lose- #7 Central Arizona

Not to say that these guys have an easy schedule because no team really has an easy weekend here. But, they play three of their four games against teams that fall outside the top 25 in either division. They start the weekend with NMJC on Friday, then take on #6 San Jac and Gateway on Saturday, and wrap things up on Sunday with a game against Utah State University-Eastern.


Most to Gain- Cochise

Cochise has the second toughest weekend out of any of the teams on top of them being not ranked also add a big plus. They will take on #6 San Jac, #11 Arizona Western, and NMJC. If they can come out of the weekend with a winning record against who they play they will not only have some big upsets but will also have a big push in for the rest of the season.


Guys to Watch-

  • #6 San JacJackson Rutledge (RHP) (Kentucky Commit)
    • Austin Marozas ()(Oklahoma State Commit)
    • Luke Little (RHP) (South Carolina Commit)
    • Andrew Papantonis (INF) (Houston Commit)
    • Ryan Hernandez (C) (Houston Commit)
  • #7 Central Arizona Lucas Knowles (RHP) (Kentucky Commit)
    • Josh Dudden (INF) (Creighton Commit)
    • Brandon Jenkins (RHP)(St. Louis Commit)
    • Erney Ordonez (INF)(Kansas Commit)
    • Brennan Reback(OF)(Virginia Tech Commit)
  • #10 Southern NevadaSteven Rivas (OF)(Houston Commit)
    • AJ Amelburu (SS)(Uncommitted)
    • Matt Gibertson (RHP)(Pitt Commit)
    • Nick Rupp (LHP)(Houston Commit)
    • Matt Wong(OF)(Hawaii Commit)
  • #11 Arizona WesternJustin Greene (INF/RHP)(ULL Commit)
    • Zach Huffins (OF)(Uncommitted)
    • Chris Koeiman(RHP)(Uncommitted)
    • Gabe Ponce(RHP)(Uncommitted)
  • New MexicoCade Acrey(RHP)( Lubbock Christian Commit)
    • Ty Stephenson (RHP)(Lubbock Christian Commit)
    • Tristain Stivors (OF)(Texas State Commit)
    • Brayan Garcia Diaz (RHP) (Uncommitted)
    • Joab Gonzalez (SS)(Uncommitted)
  • GatewayChaz DeLuca (P) (Uncommitted)
    • Josh Glenn (C) (Uncommitted)
  • CochiseAlex Stinnett (C) (Uncommitted)
    • Torren Brozovich (OF) (Uncommitted)
  • Utah State University-EasternDalton Virgil (INF)(Uncommitted)
    • Shay Landers (RHP)(Uncommitted)



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