The #JBB “Labor Day” Way Too Early Texas Ranking – Powered by Steelo Sports

First off welcome back to school everyone! It is offically “Fall” and off-season workouts are in full swing. With fall schedules starting up and teams starting to mess together and find their identity. After the Logo Challenge/Championship hopefully it brought alot of teams closer together getting behind their own team. If not hey it was still fun.

Any ways just becasue I have moved across the country to what many Native Texans might call “enemy teritory” out here in California does not mean that i will stop covering the Lone Star State.

So here we go The #JBB “Labor Day” Way Too Early Texas Rankings. Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 1.22.45 PM

Im even giving yall a special Texas Themed logo. So help pick which you guys want. There is one with a star and one with out. Winner will be the Texas Logo whenever somehting is posted that has to do with the greatest country in the world. #Texasforever

JBB- TexasLogo 1

JBB Texas Star

Logo 2






To Vote comment or tweet me what you think it should be.





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