This week has seen the most movement out of the entire season. In the Top 10 every team moved. With then #1 San Jac Lossing 2 to Blink, then #4 South Mountain losing 2 to then #10 Arizona Western, then #6 Grayson losing 3 to then #7 McLennan and then #7 McLennan losing 2 (One to both then #6 Cisco and Blinn).

Walters State makes its way back to the Top Spot this week. After going 4-0 this past weekend and being the first team this year to get to 50 wins.

Dropping out this week is Wallace State, Tallahassee, and Broward.

Making it into the Top 25 this week:

Blinn comes in at #23. This past week they went 3-2 with their only losses coming from then #1 San Jac and then Beating both San Jac twcie and then #7 McLennan

Eastern Oklahoma State makes its way back in at #24. They are making it back in after they were in it for 2 weeks in the middle of the season getting as high as #20.

The last team in this week is Florence Darlington Tech coming in at #25 with a record of 41-11.