Another week and another Series of the weekend that was effected by weather. However, they were able to get all the games in so it was not to bad. This series was all Cowley. Outscoring Neosho 45-22 for the weekend.

Game 1- Cowley wins 13-6

Every run that Neosho scored was answered by at least 1 every single inning by Cowley. Once Swanson came in for Cowley in the 4th it didn’t matter what Neosho did he was untouchable.(3.2 Innings, 8 K’s, 1 BB, 0 H, 0 ER)

Game 2- Neosho Wins 8-6

A Come from behind win for Neosho being down 1-0 going into the 5th 6 runs and never looked back scoring again in the 7th. This game saw another pitching come in and be untouchable. Brayden Nelson came in with 1 out in the 6th finished out the game striking out 6 with 1 walk and 1 hit.

Game 3- Cowley Wins 10-3

When you have a starting pitching throw a complete game striking out 11(with no walks) and only giving up 5 hits, it is hard to score any runs. (Jordan)

Game 4- Cowley Wins 16-5

Cowley put their foot on the gas peddle and never looked back scoring 4 runs in each of the first three innings. Peterson at the plate had a day to remember going 4-5, with 3 runs, 6 RBI, 1 HR and 1 double.

Hitter of the Series:
So OF Kea’von Edwards- 10-16, 3 RBI, 1 BB, 2-2B, 1-3B, 1 HR, 10 Runs

Pitcher of the Series:
Fr Brannon Jordan- 7 IP, 5 H, 3 ER, 11 K’s, 0 BB

Next week Cowley will play a 4 game series with Coffeyville

Next week Neosho will play a 4 game series with Allen County

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