If you know anything about Texas and JuCo baseball then you know what happens when Howard and Grayson get together. Both teams have won a World Series in the past 10 (Grayson 2008, Howard 2009). Both teams always have huge guys go to the next level whether that is D1 or to the MLB. So this weekends Series was a no-brainer.

If you follow Howard you would know that this year they have 17 Division 1 signings and counting. Going into this weekend Howard is coming off of a Series win against #5 McLennan and is ranked #7 in the country. They are 7-3 on the season. Guys to watch for them is hard to put it on anybody when you have that much talent on one team.

Pitching this weekend they will have Brandon Young a Louisiana Lafayette Commit (0-2, 5.02 ERA, 22 K’s) going game one, Chandler Coates an Arkansas State Commit (1-0, 1.5 ERA, 18 K’s) going game two, and Tyler McKay who is Uncommitted (1-1,9.28 ERA, 15 K’s) going game three. Out of the bullpen this weekend if they need him it would not be a surprise if they called on Denny Bentley a University of Tennessee Commit (1-0, 2.38 ERA, 12 K’s).

Offensively be pre-paired for just as much talent as what will be on the mound. Three guys should have big weekends. Doug Facendo a Texas Tech Commit (.237 BA, .318 OBP, 9 RBI, 1-2B, 2 HR) who plays both 1st and catcher, Bryan Sturges a UTSA Commit (.265 BA, .432 OBP, 6 RBI’s, 3-2B, 1-3B, 1 HR) who plays 3rd and 2nd, and last Saul Garza a LSU Commit ( .281 BA, .378 OBP, 10 RBI’s, 3-2B, 3 HR)

For Grayson, they are just as strong. On the mound they will have Zach Phillips (2-0, 0.00 ERA, 11K’s), Braxton Webb (1-0, 3.86 ERA, 9K’s) and Gabe Constanitine (0-0, 18.00 ERA, 0K’s) starting their games. Out of the bullpen, Tyler Floyd has been their guy (5 app, 2 SV’s, 5.25 ERA, 22 K’s). At the plate, Grayson has guys that can hit. Andrew Miller an Infielder and Catcher (.464 BA, .559 OBP, 8 RBI, 2-2B, 2 HR), Clayton Rasbeary and outfielder (.467 BA, .543 OBP, 3-2B, 1-3B, 2 HR), and Ryne Randle another outfielder (.381 BA, .458 OBP, 4 RBI 1-2B) should all have big weekends.

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