This weekend #13 Wabash Valley (3-0) and #26 Wallace State (8-0-1) a 4-Game Series this weekend in Alabama. Both teams are off to a hot start.

For Wabash Valley, they are coming off an opening weekend where they outscored their opponent 29-9 in just 17 innings of play. Then

Tuesday night they had a combined no-hitter broken up in the 7th with 2 outs(Joe Vranesic 3.0 innings, Austin Moralis 2.0 innings, Jon Bymer 1.0 innings, and Nick King .2 innings) finishing the game with just one hit. As a team, they are hitting a combined .357 with a .457 OB%. The pitching staff has been lights out with a 3.18 Era with 28 Ks.

Wallace State is going into their third week of games. The only blemish on their

schedule is a 6-6 Tie with Columbia State last Tuesday. Besides that game they haven’t lost outscoring their opponents 94-26, averaging 10 runs a game. Just with the Run output, you can see that they will have offensive numbers. Hitting a combined .283 with 4 hitting about .300 while 1 is hitting .529 (Easton Kirk). The pitching staff has a 2.22 ERA with 49 Ks.

Both teams have not been able to beat this year and for good reasons. With both having strong offenses and even better Pitching staffs it is hard to say how the games will turn out. It is safe to say though that there will be Runs and there will be a lot of them. The chances that either team will get a sweep this week is slim. But coming off of a 1-hitter Wabash Valley can ride that momentum into the weekend and do big things. So with just the slightest edge, Wabash Valley comes out on top this weekend.