This week’s rankings bring 2 new teams in.

Sante Fe from Florida makes their first appearance at #23. Starting the season off 8-0, going 5-0 this past week winning by an average margin of 4 runs with a big 14-0 win over Hillsborough.

New Mexico JC makes the other new appearance this week at #24 They did not have a game this weekend. Going 3-1 so far this season with big wins over Southern Nevada, and Yavapai.

Dropping out this week is Yavapai and Panola.

Yavapai went 1-2 this past week losing two games to Arizona Western. Bringing their season record to 3-4.

Panola was sitting at #25 and dropped out. They Lost 2 of the 3 games to Eastern Oklahoma State this week. Their total record is 2-3.

Southern Nevada dropped 14 spots to number 25. They lost 2 games this week to unranked South Mountain. They went 2-2 for the week however with two wins over D2 GateWay. This brings their season record to 4-4.