This Weekend down in Florida went as expected. No team made it through the weekend untouched. All games were competitive though. With only 2 games being separated by more than 4 runs every game was close.

#1 Chipola lost the first game against #3 Walters State but came back the next day and blew them out by the score of 12-3. What else would you expect from the number 1 team in the country that just lost their first game of the year? Wake up the next day and show them that yesterday was a mistake and that it won’t happen again. Throughout the whole weekend, they outscored their opponents by an average of 3 runs. There were 4 different Indians that had Home runs (Morgan McCullough, Max Guzman, Alex Arauz, and Jared Howell with 2). As far as pitchers go for the staff as a whole they struck out 44 batters in 31 Innings (1.4 per inning).

For #3 Walters States besides the blow out loss to #1 Chipola in game 3 it was a great weekend for the Senators. Winning the three other games by an average of 6 points. Not to bad for the #3 team in the country. With 12 Home runs being hit between 5 different guys (Brock Anderson-2, Duncan Pence-2, Tyler Gentry-3, Dylan Harris-2, and Hunter Wolfe) there was no short of power this weekend. For their pitching staff, they only had to throw 28 innings over 4 games while striking out 33(1.2 per inning)

Poor Shelton State Started the year off about how one would expect

when going against two of the top 3 teams in their first weekend. Going 0-4 is not the way any team wants to start their season. Being outscored 9-31 for the weekend doesn’t show how they really did. In 3 of the 4 games, they actually started with the lead even if it was just a 1 run lead going into the bottom of the first they still scored first. What hurt them the most was the 12-1 loss to #3 Walters State in their second game of the weekend.

This upcoming weekend Chipola will travel to Houston for the Tournaments of Champions and take on 4 national ranked teams from the state of Texas (#8 Howard, #2 San Jac, #5 McLennan and #21 Grayson). Walters State has a three-game series at #20 Georgia Highlands. Shelton State has a three-game series at Tallahassee.