This weekend down in Marianna, Florida three teams will get together. This is not just any three teams though. There will be #1 Chipola, #3 Walters State and Shelton State. Each team will play the other two twice.

For Shelton talk about a way to start off the season. Right out of the gates you’re playing 2 of the top 5 teams in the country, 4 times, in 4 days. If they can pull out any wins then this will mean big changes at the top of the rankings. For Shelton, however, wins this weekend will be huge for them and their confidence for the rest of the season.

Walters State went 3-0 last weekend blowing out all three games by outscoring the other team 35-5 in those three games. Not to say that they cannot keep up that pace, but the competition this weekend is a bit higher in quality than last weekend. Beating Chipola at all will give them a case to jump up to number 1 in next weeks poll.

Not to say that this weekend is a tune-up for next weekend, The Tournament of Champions, but with how strong Chipola is this year getting through this weekend should not be a problem. Now, this is not to downplay the other teams playing this weekend. Chipola playing these games at home is also another factor that plays into how they will play this. Being able to sleep in your own bed before a big game plays a big role in how someone will play. Not to mention they don’t want to lose at their home field.

As much as it is hard to say if a team can win out this weekend then that will be a huge, But the chances of that happening are slim. All three teams are great teams that won’t go down without a fight.