This past weekend the Annual Border Battle took place in Henderson, Nevada. Honestly, it was an interesting weekend. The teams that were thought to do good didn’t have the best weekends the teams that weren’t supposed to do good had a great weekend.

The team that came out winning the weekend was #6/#7 Central Arizona. Going 4-0 through the weekend with a huge win over #8/#4 Southern Nevada. Then beating NMJC who is always a tough team to play.

Another team that showed up this weekend was NMJC. This team I actually picked to be the team that would make the biggest splash in the weekend and had the biggest chance to mess up the rankings. Going 3-1 with wins over #8/#4 Southern Nevada and #14/#12 Yavapai. This weekend was huge for NMJC showing that they needed to be ranked and it should show in the coming weeks.

Two teams that underperformed are #8/#4 Southern Nevada and #14/#12 Yavapai. Both going 2-2, both losing to NMJC which will hurt them. Both teams though won the games that they should have.

The biggest surprise of the weekend was Gateway. Going 3-1 with wins over Colorado Northwestern, Utah State University-Eastern, and Arizona Western. Their only loss came from NMJC, but that is no surprise.