When it comes to JuCo Baseball Howard College is a Hot Bed. Players transfer in from all over the country to go play for a year or two then go somewhere big. This year is no exception.

When you look at how many guys on this teams roster have signed to go play at a big division one school next year the numbers are unreal. 14 and the season hasn’t even started yet.

Six to Abilene Christian (Colacecchi, O’Farrell, Miller, Jordan, Peterson, and Williams).

One to The Air Force Academy (Dragoo)

One to Arkansas State (Coates)

One to ULM (Allison)

One to LSU (Garza)

One to Tennessee (Bentley)

One to Texas State (Williams)

One to ULL (Young)

One to UTSA (Sturges)

With all these signings happening this early and knowing the grade of player that plays at Howard got me thinking about the past years there. One year sticks out with the amount of high caliber signings coupled with talent.

That would be the 2012 team (my freshman year at Howard) that was the number one team in the country for the majority of the season. This team was unreal. Watching them day in and day out was nothing less then amazing. This team had 20 guys sign to go play big time division one ball.

Five to OU (Bickerstaff, Carnes, Hayes, Lorenzana, and Tasin)

Five to Texas Tech (Bell, Ehlers, Moreno, Richoux, and Richie)

Two to FIU (Franco and Scoggins)

Two to Oregon (Crum and Sawyer)

One to Oklahoma State (McCurry)

One to Ole Miss (Blunt)

One to TCU (Hendrix)

One to Texas State (Allen)

One to UCF (Davis)

One to ULL (Kjerstad)

This 2012 Team had the 2012 National Player of the Year (Allen), Three All-Americans (Ehlers, Allen and Richoux), and a Rawlings Big Stick and Golden Glove winner (both Allen).

If the amount of Signings have any correlation to how well a team will do then this year looks good for the Hawks; and I hope they can make it farther then we did in 2012 (Regional Finals) and bring home another National Title to the town of Big Spring. With the season starting in just a few weeks this season will be fun to watch. Good Luck this year guys.

Hawks Fly Together-Elliot Richoux